Monday, April 7, 2008

The Sandwich pt2

OK Glenn, hold yourself together. You can do this…just don’t look at her eyes…or boobs. Don’t make eye contact or boob contact, and you’ll be fine. Just find out were you can get the Watercress from, and be on your way. Do not get pulled into her bullshit..
Glenn used the key she gave him to open the front door. Years ago she had given him a key that would get him into any home she owned all over the world. Because she showed such inhuman trust in him, he was forced to trust her. She’s in…yeah, upstairs. She likes to watch the sunset this time of day she’d be in the room with the big windows facing the west. He hoped that she didn’t know that he could never betray anyone who showed complete trust in him. It was something his dad taught him that he would never forget. Not that it was hard to remember, his dad never taught him much anyway. So now, he was psychologically oath bound to never betray Julia. H hated her for that.
“I hate you.”, he said as he entered the room. It was a big, decidedly un-Southern style living room. Giant Turkish rugs stretched across the maple wood floors, on which rested chairs and couches of the softest red crushed velvet money could buy. The curtains matched the chairs, of course; pulled to the side by golden ropes that matched the furniture’s gold trim. The room was dark now save for the light of the setting sun. There, silhouetted by the grandeur of the setting sun in the desert, was Julia. All he could see of her was her Coke-bottle curves and her long blond hair. She was 42, but she was by far the sexiest woman he had ever come across. A part of the him was sure that that she was the sexiest woman he would ever see.
“Most people say hello when they enter a room. But not my Glenn, he’s always been different.”
“You know why I hate you. Why do you trust me so much? How are you so sure I won’t kill you and take everything you have?”
She turned from the window and walked towards him. A floor length deep blue evening gown stretched perfectly across her disruptively large breasts. It then fell lazily around her similarly disruptive hips, just stopping short of her perfectly manicured toes. Intricately woven silver roses circled the chest and hips of the dress, drawing more attention to two areas that already needed no introduction.
“I trust you so much because I know you could never betray someone who shows complete, unconditional trust in you.” Fuck, he thought.
“I have the additional comfort of knowing that if you did anything to hurt me, you would have my psychotic father, my four bloodthirsty brothers, and their near limitless monetary resources hunting you down. You know that.”
“Oh yeah”, Glenn retorted. “Well, what did you drag me all the way out here for? You know I hate this state.” Glenn poured himself another drink and sat down. Julia only drank the finest red wine, and he mad sure to mooch as much of it as possible when he was around her.
“Glenn dear, I have to be in Houston sometimes to run the family oil business, now don’t I?” Glenn suddenly remembered all of the oil wells he saw on the way in. “And I can’t maintain the fabulously opulent lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed t if I’m suddenly not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, can I?”. Glenn also suddenly remembered that she was CEO of Hendrickson Oil, just one small branch of Old Man Hendrickson’s vast multinational corporation. He was losing…badly; he blindly fumbled for a new tactic. Just as he was about to respond she stepped out of the sun’s shadow, and he saw her in all of her glory…glorious silver roses.
“And if I had no money I wouldn’t be able to keep you immersed in that wonderful you’ve been drinking like a fish.” Glenn, suddenly self-conscious about his drinking, hurriedly swallowed the last bit of wine in his glass and set it down. Dammit, I’m a grown-ass man, he thought, this bitch can’t just verbally disarm me like this…
“All of which you are more than well aware of.” Glenn regrouped for a counterattack. “Well Daisy Mae, if that’s your story then why don’t you-all have a Texas accent?” He reclined triumphantly into his red velvet chair. “I’ve never heard you talk with one.” She sat opposite him, the slit in the side of her dress unveiling her long, long legs the same way the Louvre would unveil a never before seen Michaelangelo sculpture. “Weell, silly, Big Daddy sent all us chilluns to some fancy speech therapy center in Dallas when we’all was young.” Glenn became very good at spotting fake accents in his travels around the world; this was not one of them. “He said it made us sound like some backwater hicks when alla his rich European friends came over to bowl. Did you know that we had to wear our stupid compny colors all the daggone time, till ah was eight-teen? Thas wah I never wear red and gold anymore…ever.” She leaned forward, exposing far more cleavage than was psychologically healthy for Glenn. Dropping the drawl as casually as she had pickled it up, she said, “besides, red is such a Hot, Fiery color…Gold too, it symbolizes the sun you know. I’m much more a cool, Water, Moon type of person, don’t you think?”
A small bead of sweat appeared on Glenn’s forehead. She leaned back in her chair just as the last bits of light retreated over the horizon. “Not to sound pompous but I think I’m best lit by a Full Moon. Oh you’re sweating, should I turn up the AC?”
Glenn desperately wanted another glass or six of wine. He remembered why he had sworn to himself to never engage in a battle of wits with Julia. Most of the time he felt completely outgunned, and sometimes, such as now, he felt completely unarmed. He poured himself another glass of wine and sunk, dejectedly, further into his chair. “Are you done?” he sighed.
Julia’s deep brown eyes sparkled in the now softly lit room, a grin forcing itself onto her lips. “Oh, I’m quat spent darhlin. Do you want to chitchat some more or are you ready to talk shop?”
Glen pulled a tattered, folded up copy of the Recipe from his back pants pocket and placed it on the coffee table between them. “Watercress. What the fuck is watercress and where can I get it?”
Julia leaned forward to examine the paper he produced, again decimating Glenn’s concentration and composure. She squinted at the paper and then looked at him, “your pants did a number this copy, I have to get the original.” She got up and walked over to a large framed picture of a pack of large black wolves charging through the snow. Glenn valiantly tried to avert his eyes, but the silver roses on her behind hypnotized him. They swung to and fro like a field of wildflowers being gently rocked back and worth to sleep by a warm summer breeze. He saw himself climbing blue mountains covered in silver roses, happy, free, satisfied
“GlennGlenn!” Glenn snapped out of his revelry to see Julia trying hard to hide her amusement. “What page is that again?” Glenn hurriedly looked down at the paper to hid his rapidly reddening face, “Twenty-fouryeah, 24.” She smiled again and returned to the table with one of the original pages of the recipe, preserved in four inches of bulletproof Mylar. “Now, y’all didn’t sneak a peek at the combanation did you?” Glenn picked up the page and studied it. “Please. Your old man’s a pervert, I can guess what it is 36-24-36.”
“42-34-40. If you really knew mah daddy you’d know that he liked his women healthy. Now I rememberthis ingredient is the Blessed Watercress of Machu Pichu.”
“Macho Pikachu? What the hell is that?” Julia moved her finger along the ancient text. For all of his bitching and aggravation, Glenn knew that Julia was an indispensable resource, in more ways than one. She may look like a dumb, blond bimbo, he thought, but she’s the only one who knows how to read all of the various dead languages the recipe is written in.
“In the Andes Mountains there’s a ancient city where a rare species of watercress grows. That’s what we need.”
Glenn relaxed a little now that they had left the minefield of interracial relationships and were talking business. “Ok. So what do I have to do, climb a mountain, BASE jump from a chopper? And if so, bungee cord or parachute?” Julia smiled as she studied the page, “none of the above sweetness. All you have to do is drive downtown and pick it up. I found out that somebody already did all of the hard work for us. All you have to do is break into a UPS office downtown and steal it.” Glenn gave her his “I don’t trust you at all” look. She knew it quite well.
Yeah fuckin right. If it’s really that rare and valuable there’s probably something amounting to a small army guarding it. Glenn got over his self-consciousness and poured himself another glass of wine. “And why didn’t it just get shipped to where it was going directly instead of sitting in some brown-boy’s lap all night?”
Julia gave him a stern look, finally becoming exasperated with his constant second-guessing. “Look, I found out about the shipment when I was looking into getting some for us. I blocked up the office it was being shipped through with Hendrickson business so the watercress would get held up. That name carries a hell of a lot of weight in Texas. And there shouldn’t be too much security. I even know where the damn box is in the warehouse. All of this has cost me a lot of time, effort and money. Plus I have to go out on a date with a UPS manager. Daddy’ll shit a pig when he hears about thatand he will.” Glenn didn’t feel any better about the assignment, but he did relax for three reasons: 1. It did sound like an easy job, 2. She had put in as much effort on this as he would have to, and 3. He had finally gotten under her skin. “Ok fine, I believe you. Now when do I go in?”
She stood up and stretched, arching her back dramatically. The initial shock had worn off, but the grandeur and majesty of her breasts still made him feel small and insignificant in comparison. “Five AM. It’s two hours before shift change, and the night crew usually starts goofin off then. You should go get some sleep. I have to study this page some morewe’re so close, I don’t want to make any mistakes when we have to prepare the spice and put it between the mustard and marmoset loaf.” Glenn had to admit that he was pretty tired. The drive to Houston was long and arduous, and all of the wine he had drank was catching up to hi the same way a train catches up to someone tied to its tracks. When it hit him, it would have a similar effect. So he went to his roomhe always had a room in her houses, another little piece of trivia he was sure an assassin would use against him some day. As he was leaving the room, Julia said, “I’ll wake you up around 3 so that you can get ready.” “Wake me with a blow job?” Glenn said in his most locker-room tone. “Only in your most recurring dreams” Julia replied, “now get to bed cowboy, you’ve got a long day ahead of you.” Julia listened to Glenn stumble down the hall, and put her feat up on the coffee table. Her body relaxed like a flower unfurling to welcome the morning sun. Bringing Glenn’s libido to a low boil with nothing but beginner’s flirting alone took a lot of effort. She knew he wanted herthat much was painfully obvious. But what she could not figure out for the life of her was whether he loved her. She loved him for certain, but she could not do or say anything to him until she was sure. Her mind and her heart would abide nothing less than absolute certainty.

The Sandwich pt1

Glenn wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead as he surveyed the ingredients Roast Beef, American, Gouda, Swiss, Genoa Salami (from Genoa) Provolone…
The list went on and on, but he had already gathered almost all of the most pertinent ingredients, accept for one last crucial element: “Watercress? What in the fuck is Watercress?
Glenn had circled the globe many times over . He had killed more men than he could remember for the Sandwich. For a time he spiraled downward into an abyss of depression and alcohol abuse because he was unable to obtain the perfect bologna. Eventually he climb out of that hole and took the bologna by force, resulting in $4 million dollars worth of property damage. He was 39 now, the last 20 years of his life dedicated to the construction of this Sandwich. His body was tan and athletic, a testament to his Italian/Polish heritage. His black hair was just a starting to gray at the temples, and his hands had known more deli meats than female bodies.
Not that he had never had a romantic tryst or two. Be sure, his skills as a lover were legendary to women both foreign and domestic. But no woman could hold his heart for long, for there was always the Sandwich. Eventually every lover he had realized that whatever her charm, beauty, or intelligence, she could never replace Glenn’s first, truest love. And now, after 20 years, he was close, so very close to reaching the realization of his life’s dream. All he needed was watercress, and he did not know what the hell it was.
The worst part was that he ion Houston, TX. He wasn’t sure why he was in Houston but he was damn well sure that he would not find any watercress there. Whatever it was. Texas is one of the worst sandwich states in the Union, mostly because there were no sandwich shops to be found. Independent pizza shops were rare, so there went that option. He normally would not be caught dead in such a cultural wasteland if not for one person. One woman actually (it always is isn’t it?): Julia.
“Fuckin’ Julia. Why did she drag me way the hell out here for. She knows I hate this state. Oh, there, I answered my own question now haven’t I?”
Julia watched Glenn’s 98 Chevy Impala pull into her driveway.
Hmph. He always comes crawling back now doesn’t he?
Glenn was the only other person in the world who knew as much about The Great Recipe as she did, maybe more. At 42, she was closer to completing the Sandwich than he, but she never would have gotten so far without his help. Whether she was using him, or he her, neither of them were sure.
Soon Glenn, soon we’ll eat the Sandwich together…then we can finally put this Hell behind us and move on with our lives.

End pt. 1
OK Glenn, hold yourself together. You can do this…just don’t look at her eyes…or boobs. Don’t make eye contact or boob contact, and you’ll be fine. Just find out were you can get the Watercress from, and be on your way. Do not get pulled into her bullshit..
Glenn used the key she gave him to open the front door. Years ago she had given him a key that would get him into any home she owned all over the world. Because she showed such inhuman trust in him, he was forced to trust her. She’s in…yeah, upstairs. She likes to watch the sunset this time of day she’d be in the room with the big windoiwns facing the west. He hoped that she didn’t know that he could never betray anyone who showed complete trust in him. It was something his dad taught him that he would never forget. Not that it was hard to remember, his dad never taught him much anyway. So now, he was psychologically oathbound to never betray Julia. H hated her for that.
“I hate you.”, he said as he entered the room. It was a big, decidedly un-Southern style living room. Giant Turkish rugs stretched across the maple wood floors, on which rested chairs and couches of the softest red crushed velvet money could buy. The curtains matched the chairs, of course; pulled to the side by golden ropes that matched the furniture’s gold trim. The room was dark now save for the light of the setting sun. There, silhouetted by the grandeur of the setting sun in the desert, was Julia. All he could see of her was her Coke-bottle curves and her long blonde hair. She was 42, but she was by far the sexiest woman he had ever come across. A part of the him was sure that that she was the sexiest woman he would ever see.
“Most people say hello when they enter a room. But not my Glenn, he’s always been different.”
“You know why I hate you. Why do you trust me so much? How are you so sure I won’t kill you and take everything you have?”
She turned from the window and walked towards him. A floor length deep blue evening gown stretched perfectly across her disruptively large breasts. It then fell lazily around her similarly disruptive hips, just stopping short of her perfectly manicured toes. Intricately woven silver roses circled the chest and hips of the dress, drawing more attention to two areas that already needed no introduction.
“I trust you so much because I know you could never betray someone who shows complete, unconditional trust in you.” Fuck, he thought.
“I have the additional comfort of knowing that if you did anything to hurt me, you would have my psychotic father, my four bloodthirsty brothers, and their near limitless monetary resources hunting you down. You know that.”
“Oh yeah”, Glenn retorted. “Well, what did you drag me all the way out here for? You know I hate this state.” Glenn poured himself another drink and sat down. Julia only drank the finest red wine, and he mad sure to mooch as much of it as possible when he was around her.
“Glenn dear, I have to be in Houston sometimes to run the family oil business, now don’t I?” Glenn suddenly remembered all of the oil wells he saw on the way in. “And I can’t maintain the fabulously opulent lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed t if I’m suddenly not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, can I?”. Glenn also suddenly remembered that she was CEO of Hendrickson Oil, just one small branch of Old Man Hendrickson’s vast multinational corporation. He was losing…badly; he blindly fumbled for a new tactic. Just as he was about to respond she stepped out of the sun’s shadow, and he saw her in all of her glory…glorious silver roses.
“And if I had no money I wouldn’t be able to keep you immersed in that wonderful Error! Bookmark not defined. you’ve been drinking like a fish.” Glenn, suddemnly self-conscious about his drinking, hurredly swalloewed the last bit of wine in his glass and set it down. Dammit, I’m a grown-ass man, he thought, this bitch can’t just verbally disarm me like this…
“All of which you are more than well aware of.” Glenn regrouped for a counterattack. “Well Daisy Mae, if that’s your story then why don’t you-all have a Texas accent?” He reclined triumphantly into his red velvet chair. “I’ve never heard you talk with one.” She sat opposite him, the slit in the side of her dress unveiling her long, long legs the same way the Louvre would unveil a never before seen Michaelangelo sculpture. “Weell, silly, Big Daddy sent all us chilluns to some fancy speech therapy center in Dallas when we’all was young.” Glenn became very good at spotting fake accents in his travels around the world; this was not one of them. “He said it made us sound like some backwater hicks when alla his rich European friensd came over to bowl. Did you know that we had to wear our stupid compny colors all the daggone time, till ah was eight-teen? Thas wah I never wear red and gold anymore…ever.” She leaned forward, exposing far more cleavage than was psychologically healthy for Glenn. Dropping the drawl as casually as she had pickled it up, she said, “besides, red is such a Hot, Fiery color…Gold too, it symbolizes the sun you know. I’m much more a cool, Water, Moon type of person, don’t you think?”

Spongebob Bukkake

It had been a weird night already. I met a girl, a cute girl who was sexy in an unobtrusive way…wait, let me start over. She was cute, the kind of cute that was not obviously sexy but achieved the same effect. She was a mulatto, half black, half white; she had to tell me because I couldn’t figure out what she was. She had a wild mane of black hair, and skin the color of , well, coffee with milk and sugar. She had a great rack, especially for a chick who was 5’6". She was wearing a low-cut top and a miniskirt with open-toed shoes. Her legs were gorgeous, so were her feet. She was 42-24-38 and had one of those bubbly personalities, the kind of person you call an idiot if you don’t like them. Anyway, I was not really in the mood for a girl, but she took a liking to me. So, I had a buzz going and she was cute, so I talked to her. Turns out she loves football and watched every one of my games. A true Rutgers football fan, who would have thought they existed? We only win because of me. Anyway, She asked me eventually if I wanted to go back to her place and watch scouting films for Penn State. "Uuhhh sure." Man she was really into football.
She lived in a apartment on Commercial Ave.; ghetto, but comfortable. I didn’t think she actually had the tapes, but I was curios to see what exactly she would show me. Sure enough she had scouting tapes of Penn Sate football…last season’s reports, but impressive all the same. She had a really kiddy room with anime posters on the walls, and some SpongeBob Squarepants bedsheets. I was watching the tapes; a guy named Michael Leo has been a pain in my ass these last two years; when she comes in wearing a little pair of shorts and a wife beater. She snuggles up to me and proceeds to tell me about how they are vulnerable to blitzing, and to run when they show a nickel package. I don’t know about you, but girls talking about blitzes and screen passes gets me really horny. Of course she noticed, (when you’re as big as I am it’s hard to not notice) and made her move. Susan, her name was Susan, put one of her gorgeous brown legs over mine and said "Johnny, I have to admit I had ulterior motive for bringing you up here." I smiled and started to take off my shirt, "Lemme guess, you where hoping that I would do it to you? Well you’re wish is my command." I pulled down her shorts and she let out a little squeal of delight as I set to work on her little coffee colored pussy, (which, incidentally, didn’t taste like coffee, but damn sure was sweet). Her panting and squealing and giggling (?!?) turned me on more than I thought possible. I had to finish her off fast so I could let her get to work on me. One of the advantages of being a super hero and having super speed is you can move your tongue faster than a vibrator. When she came she wrapped her thighs around my neck so tight I thought I was gonna choke. When I pulled out my dick she didn’t look surprised at all. "A little bigger than I thought it would be", she said, "but I can handle it." She wrapped her mouth around the head and went to work. She seemed silly and girly before, but now she was all business. She worked the shaft like a pro, using all that giggly energy for a good purpose. She was not as good as say, Straight Girl, but for a non-superhero she sucked good dick. Ten minutes later she showed no signs of slowing down, but I had had enough. I gave her warning enough that I was gonna cum, but she seemed to want it. She jerked me off with her right hand and coaxed the cum out of my balls with her left hand. Her big tits swung back and forth from all of the effort she was putting into me. The first blast filled her mouth, the second coated her beautiful juggs, and the third went right in Spongebob’s eye.
After she managed to choke down my load, and I recovered from the great fucking orgasm she brought me to, our eyes met. We shared a moment of mutual satisfaction, then we both looked down at him at the same time. SpongeBob Squarepants with cum in his eye. And we laughed…we laughed for a very long time.

Clash of the Porn Titans

Dirk was having a hard time keeping it up. "It" was the 12 inch monster that paid all of his bills, made him a star, got him his own show in HBO, and, quite frankly, was his best friend." It" had a name incidentally. in "The Great". It got credit in all of his movies, i.e. "Starring Dirk Magnus, Co-Starring Alexander the Great". Alexander refused to play because his playmate belonged to the hottest women Dirk was absolutely afraid. Selene Crishon had a body that could literally melt ice at 15 feet. She could make a man cum at 20. She had, it was a pay-per-view special, and 30 million people paid to see it Dirk normally had enormous staying power, maintaining an almost supernatural control over Alexander. No matter how tight, how wet the pussy, it never phased him. He learned from some Tantric monks how to make the pleasure last, how to master the orgasm and not let it master you. Consequently, Dirk may not always cum when he's supposed to, but he always came on time. If Dirk was the immovable object, Selene was the unstoppable force that was supposed to meet him on the set in 5 minutes. Selene's mother was something of a hippy/druid priestess, who taught Selene one, crucial little piece of the puzzle, one key to success in the man's world in which she lived; she taught her pussy control. Selene could manipulate her vaginal walls like most people manipulate their fingers. It was eerie, it was strange, it bordered on perverse, but it was true. Selene always won, no one could last in her.
Dirk had planned for this eventuality however. He had some Viagra that had been specially preyed over and blessed by both the Dalai Lama and the Pope. He had meditated for the last 24 hours on the most unattractive people and places he could possibly think of, like Rosie O’Donnell and Starr Jones mud wrestling in two piece bikinis. He had thought that he had prepared for every eventuality, but Alexander was still stubbornly refusing to cooperate. He only had one option left.
"Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?"
His penis twitched a little as if to say, "I’m listening."
Dirk went to his bag and fished out a box of Devil Dogs. He always had to watch his weight and what he ate, as he was an internationally famous adult film star, but sometimes, he allowed himself one vice; Devil Dogs. He could not resist them, and they, for some odd reason, never failed to make him horny. Dirk figured that could go to therapy and find out why he associated devil dogs and sex, but in the end he was absolutely certain that he did not want to know, and figured he was better off not knowing anyway. Three devil dogs later, Dirk was ready to rock.
Selene, on the other hand, was the picture of tranquility. She had to be, it was her big secret. Selene was very in tune with her vagina, and any stress she experienced showed, or rather, was felt in her uterine walls. She knew that whatever she felt would be felt by her partner, and therefore she had to keep her pussy free from stress. It was, after all, insured for over $2 million by Sotheby’s. She had fucked them all in her 28 years… big dicks, little dicks, fat ones sort ones thin ones long ones, you name it, and it’s been in her. She was not a slut, by any stretch of the imagination; it’s just that she happened to be very, very good at sex. Some people are good at math so they become scientists. Some people are fast runners, so they go into sports. Selene was always extremely proficient at sex so, she reasoned, why not do for a living what she was best at. Selene was a firm believer in making the most of ones talents, and that she did with great enthusiasm. Although her vagina was her greatest attribute, it wasn’t what got her the most attention. Selene’s physical attributes were legendary. Her measurements were 42 26 42, but that doesn’t encompass the majesty that is her body. She actually has to cover up in public because even when wear a sweat suit her body causes traffic accidents. She almost literally radiates sexuality the way Plutonium radiates Alpha rays. There actually isn’t anything about her that isn’t sexy, her long, flowing red hair, her intense blue eyes, and then there are her breasts and ass. They say that beauty is subjective, but Selene’s beauty is an objective fact; her breasts have been determined mathematically perfect. They are perfectly symmetrical and even her nipples are exactly the same on both sides. All of this combines to make Selene the irresistible force in the adult film industry. As she strode towards the set, Selene was knew that she was about to meet her greatest challenge to date. She was very aware of Alexander, and had seen the havoc he had caused with other female porn stars. Alexander had this nasty habit of causing women to cum so hard, and so fast, that they became physically unable to perform anymore for at least a day. He was the only man to cause his female co-stars to wear out before he did. They actually had to pace themselves, because with dirk and Alexander, it was always one-and done. It was very much like being double-teamed; beyond the wonderful penis that Dirk possessed, he was also a masterful and skilled lover. Selene’s mind was awash with possibilities; her competitiveness would not let her lodes, but her pussy ached at the possibility of losing and experiencing one of Alexander’s orgasms.
The stage for this grand contest was certainly up to the task of hosting these two celestial bodies. The mattress alone was worth $5000. The bed was covered in the finest materials money could buy, and was at the exact fluffiness to satisfy both stars; or at least, so the director thought.
"Chuck, I can’t work with this!" Dirk sighed. The Director was Chuck Halbadian, master auteur of the porn world. He was a small, nervous man who did not tolerate setbacks well, especially not on this, his magnum opus, what he considered to be the most important work he had ever done.
"Dirk, you will get on that bed and you will like it! I will not have my art be ruined by the likes of you. I have put too much time and effort into getting the angles right for this, too much effort to let it be screwed up by the likes of you. What’s the matter, are you choking? Are you going to choke a few minutes before the biggest fuck of your life? Are you? Cuz if you are, you get the fuck out of my sight and I’ll get one of the cameramen to fuck her. You! Get over here, get it up, and get it in her! Alexander has shamed himself and us by this performance, OR LACK THEREOF!"
All the while Chuck was berating him, Dirk stood by silently and took it. But when Chuck besmirched Alexander, Dirk’s entire demeanor changed. Hi stood hanging his head, his face draped in shadow.
"You can say anything you want about me. You can insult my mother, grandfather, sisters and aunts. But no one, and I mean no one speaks ill of Alexander and gets away with it. You have awoken a sleeping giant, now behold the majesty of ALEXANDER THE GREAT!"
With that., Dirk threw off his robe, and all present did indeed behold the awe-inspiring power of a fully erect and operational Alexander. So began to applaud, some wiped away a few tears of joy. Everyone, cast and crew, knew that they were in the presence of something special, like Michael Jordan in his prime, except even more of a Dick than that. Dirk slowly stroked his aesthetically perfect cock, waiting for his next victim. Chucks taunting had gotten him into character, and Dirk had his game face on. "What’s the big deal", he thought, "it’s just another pussy, right?"
As he had that thought, Selene entered the room, and Dirk immediately regretted having the slightest bit of cockiness. This woman was more than beautiful she was a goddess, a perfect creature of pure sexuality. Alexander strained and grew even larger at the sight of her. Dirk was glad that he was responding positively, but was nervous; he didn’t want to be the first to come, but just looking at her lips caused a few drops of pre-cum to ascend his shaft. Selene, for her part, exuded serenity. She walked the walk of someone who knew exactly what she brought to the table, and exactly how to use it. She slithered next to Dirk on the bed, and looked at her costar like an oasis in the desert; a bit of saliva escaped the side of her mouth.
"You know, you watch tapes over and over, and you think you know what you’re getting into, but seeing it in person is so much more impressive than I thought!" Selene wasn’t just blowing sunshine up his skirt; her pussy was already dripping down the inside of her thighs at the sight of Alexander. The emptiness of her vagina never felt as pronounced as it did now, and she desperately wanted it filled as soon as possible, filled by the monster that Dirk was holding the same way a dog handler would hold back a vicious pit bull.
"Ok now you both know the set-up; there are 8 cameras set-up and you know where they are. I generally want this in one take, and as you two are professionals, I trust you to begin and end with as little influence from me as possible. Do you both understand what I am telling you?" At this point Dirk and Selene were so eager to get at each other all they could offer where small nods of ascension. Chuck knew that this would happen; in fact he was counting on it. He knew that there would be nerves in an event of this magnitude, but he was hoping that once the main participants, lust would overwhelm their nerves, and he would get the movie he had come here to make. "OK…let’s do this old school… Lights! Cameras! Aaaaand, ACTION!"
Dirk and Selene leapt at each other like race horses leaving the gate. They pawed at each other, kissed and fondled like long lost lovers who found each other once again. Dirk for his part was like a kid in a candy store, he did not know where to begin. He kissed her full lips and snaked his tongue around hers. He played with her pull, brown nipples with one hand and kneaded her large, soft ass with the other. She was a feats for the senses, and he planned to eat his fill. Selene let herself be taken, it was a glorious feeling, Dirk was everything she had heard. Strong but with a tender touch, forceful but not overbearing. She was truly in the hands of a master, and she let her guard down and followed his lead. Her hands shook as they approached Alexander for the first time; it truly was the most magnificent cock she had ever seen and touched. She stroked him softly, learning his shape by touch alone,. Running her fingertips along his veins as if tracing a route on a treasure map. His balls were large and ponderous, she could not keep both on one hand. She sighed and moaned as he explored her body, his every touch a new lesson in what pleasure truly felt like.
After 10 minutes of this, her pride overtook her, and she decided to take the lead. She pushed him down and gave him a look that would have finished off a lesser man. In fact, one of the grips just happened to be in her line of sight, and he caught her eye. He immediately ejaculated inside of his pants and fell down, exhausted.
"I see your reputation is not unfounded", Dirk breathed, "I will not fall as easily as he did though." Selene licked her lips and eyed Alexander hungrily, "I hope not Dirk, you better not." With that she took all of Alex down her throat on one swallow. The crew ooh’ed and aah’ed, some even braking out into spontaneous applause. Dirk, for a second, swore he heard angels singing, then came back to Earth and the absolute greatest blow job he had ever had. Selene’s huge lips massaged his cock in ways he hadn’t known were possible. She twisted her hands around his shaft as she worked her head up and down. Her tongue traced its way up and down his veins the same way her fingers had a few minutes earlier. She then stopped with just the head in her mouth, and massaged the sensitive spot right beneath the head in circular motions with his tongue. For Dirk, everything turned purple for a split second. The waves of pleasure he was receiving were warping his mind and giving him hallucinations. He would soon lose all control if he didn’t think of something fast. Selene knew she was winning, and increased the pace of her hands, jerking him off into her mouth at a frenetic pace. Dirk managed to steady himself and take control of Alexander. "No way bitch", he thought, "two can play this game."
Having done his research, Dirk knew that Selene had exceptionally sensitive nipples. It was said that she could sense room temperatures changes of only a few degrees, but just with her nipples. He reached down and cupped her wonderfully full and pleasantly firm breasts. Losing concentration for a moment, he nearly lost his load in her mouth. But he quickly regained his composure and played with her nipples lightly but firmly. He knew that this would break her concentration; it had to, or else he’d be the one broken in a few minutes. He pinched, twisted, flicked, and rubbed them in rhythm with her hand running up and down his shaft. After just a few seconds her rhythm started to be thrown off, and then she slowed down dramatically.
Selene pulled his cock from her mouth and rested her head on Dirk’s stomach, breathing heavily. "Oh you bastard… you don’t play nice." Her body writhed and squirmed over Dirk as she began to straddle him. "Suck them, suck them you fuck. Don’t start something you can’t finish." Dirk, never being one to disobey a direct order, pushed her nipples together and unleashed his secret weapon. He had had his tongue pierced a few months ago for just such a special occasion. He whipped his tongue lightly across her over-sensitive rosebuds, eliciting gasps of pleasure from her, and from some of the other women in the room. A clash between two titans of the porn world was having an unusual effect ion the hardened professionals who were responsible for making this movie happen. To say they were jaded to the recorded sexual acts of porn stars was an understatement; but this, this was something special, and it awoke feelings long-buried beneath hours of contrived cumshots and the agonized yelps of pleasure/pain from innumerable anal scenes. This produced actual arousal; erect penises and nipples.
Selene purred at the pleasant surprise; she loved the sensation of steel on her body, but it was one she usually only received from women. She grabbed Dirk’s hair and pulled him roughly into her tits, threatening to smother him in her soft flesh. Dirk, for his part, wasn’t resisting. He did, however, begin to spank her with his "third leg". He had such control over Alexander, that he was whipping into Selene’s ass from behind while he kneaded and stroked her breasts with his hand. "I see you’re giving me a hint", she said seductively. Actually, Selene did everything seductively; she ordered Taco Bell seductively, she washed her clothes seductively, she even did her taxes seductively. It was just her style. She reached behind her and stroked Dirks think meaty hard-on… well, seductively. "I know what you want", she said", you want to be in me don’t you, to see what all the fuss is about?" Dirk could do little more as he slowly succumbed to the weight of Selene’s magnificent breasts all around him. Maybe it was the lack of oxygen getting to his brain, but he started to imagine that they stretched on for miles and miles and that he would never escape the magnetic pull of her tits. Slowly he started to panic. Like the siren’s song, the lure of her breasts pulled him deeper into a trance he could not escape from. He wanted nothing more than to suck on those beautiful tits for as long as he could. His tongue darted faster and faster from nipple to nipple. Sometimes he would pull as much tit into his mouth as he could just so he could savor the sensation of all that soft warm flesh in his mouth. At this point he had definitely lost sight of his goals for this battle of wills. He just wanted to stay where he was forever, until he was suddenly snapped back to reality. He felt something hot, unbearably hot and wet envelop his cock. He quickly realized what was happening and braced himself. He channeled his entire urge to blast rockets of semen deep inside of her into his chakras, and exhaled all of that energy in a deep long moan that reverberated through the room. Selene gasped and held her breath. She felt full… not just fullness in hr vagina, but spiritually fully, mentally and emotionally full. She felt full like she had just had a gratifying Thanksgiving dinner. She panicked as she realized she was only halfway down his length. She questioned herself and her pussy, her tight, hot pussy that had made her a millionaire; he questioned whether she could take this man inside of her without becoming his slave. Could she ever do without him filling her? What would she do about the emptiness she would feel when he pulled out of her?
"Fuck it" she thought, and slammed her hips down onto Dirk. They both screamed with pleasure, as their combined forces joined together perfectly for the first time. A referee came in to make sure that neither of them cam; after a quick inspection he was satisfied that neither opponent had lost their load. Selene was a notorious squirter, and everyone would know if she came. Still, they stayed in that position for a good 3 minutes, each literally feeling out the other and trying to deal with the monumental sensations that they both were feeling. Eventually, Dirk recovered first and slowly withdrew his monster from its cave. Selene winced at the sudden emptiness in her womb. He pulled out halfway and then slowly slid back in. They both exhaled as if they had just returned home after a long days work. After a few repetitions Selene snapped out of her reverie and got serious. She started to ride him for all she was worth, as if her life depended on it. She contracted her pussy on the way up and relaxed on the way down in an effort to coax the cum from his balls. And it was working. Dirk saw colors, rainbows, hallucinated, all of these things from the magical fucking he was receiving. He was out of his element, and he didn’t like how much he liked it. He was being ridden like a cheap horse by a sex goddess and he liked it. He liked the feeling of being used, of just sitting back and enjoying what was being done to him for once. He didn’t have the chance to experience the works of another master such as himself very often, so he decided that for once, he didn’t have to be in control. He had control of his cock, and he wasn’t going to blast off just yet.
Selene was worried by the smug look on Dirk’s face. She was doing her best to make him cum, and he was just laying there like he was riding a bus. She was not used to this, and she certainly did not like it. She threw her head back and arched her back, looking to all the world a madwoman as she fought off her climax as long as she could. By now some of the men in the room were openly masturbating, and the women were rubbing their legs together uncomfortably. Mere mortals were not meant to have to witness this level of eroticism and do nothing about it. She bared down on him, digging her nails into his shoulders and commanding his attention with the fierce fire in her crystal-clue eyes. "You listen to me you son-of-a-bitch, you are not gonna win you here me? I don’t care how big and awe-inspiring your dick is, I’m better than you!" Dirk realized that Selene had just gotten serious, and maybe it was time for him to get serious too. With a surprising swiftness he got up, flipped her over, and had her legs in two different time zones before she could blink. All, it should be noted, without pulling out. "You wanna get serious baby doll, lets get serious!" Dirk said with a evil grin. He had something in store for her that only the Master Monks in the Himalayan Monastery where he trained at knew. His eyes glazed over and he began what can only be described as literally screwing her. He was a blur as he moved Alexander in and out of her, never at the same angle twice. To Selene it felt like he was hitting every inch of her vagina simultaneously, but with special attention paid to her G-spot. The only way it can somewhat accurately be described is like being like being gangbanged by one person. Now it was Selene’s turn to martial her willpower to keep from cumming. It was ridiculously hard, since Dirk had done a masterful job of priming her before he used his most powerful technique on her. The drops of his sweat that fell onto her chest felt like hot candle wax as he pulled her close. He was going to finish this the old fashioned way; no tricks, no gimmicks, just good old fashioned fucking. He buried his head in her hair as he buried his cock in her deep wet pussy. The sounds of his invasion filled the room as he fucked her with wild abandon. Her nails found blood as they dug deep into his back. She had spent too much energy fucking him, now she had nothing left with which to resist this onslaught. The cause lost, she decided to lay back and let this Masterful man have his way with her. Mentally she steadied herself for the violent, nuclear bomb of a orgasm that was building deep inside her. She felt it rolling in like the rumble of distant thunder. She hoped she wouldn’t pass out.
Unbeknownst to her, Dirk was similarly at the end of his rope. The secret techniques he had used seemed to have failed him, and the exertion drained his own willpower. He felt the fire in his loins building like an awakening volcano, and many other metaphors that pretty much mean he was about to bust a nut. He felt that familiar twitching Alexander did when he was about to let lose, and he didn’t care. There was no shame losing to a vagina this fine. Their moans shook the room as Dirk pulled his mammoth tool out of Selene and proceeded to coat with his salty spray. What Dirk wasn’t expecting was to be similarly coated himself with Selene’s spray. It was a dual money shot, the holy grail of Pornos. They came for a record 30 seconds straight, each pumping their juices onto the other n a fountain of mutual satisfaction. When their respective bodies had emptied themselves, Dirk collapsed on top of Selene, and they held each other like long lost loves. "Hey guys, was that ok" Dirk eventually weakly mumbled. "Guys?" The crew could not hear them, as they were all currently occupied in their own Greek orgy. It was about 20 guys and 5 women all locked in various stages of sex. Selene hoped that they had gotten so carried away with each other that they had missed the payoff for this session. She absolutely could not wait for Round Two.

The Crow's Song pt2

I pondered this new turn of events as I left the wood and scanned the moonlit plains. The field was pregnant with grain, and I suspected it would be harvested soon. I chose a path through the think grasses and made my way across. My horde, the sum total of all I was, followed with no argument. The white Raven on my shoulder dug it’s claws into my shoulder. The pain was not unbearable just enough to make sure that I did not forget his presence. Like I could anyway. This trip had become very, very strange, but the white Raven was by far the strangest thing that had happened to me tonight. This was supposed to be an uneventful trip, more of a walk really, to clear my head. I was not expecting to come face to face with all that was good and bad about me. But it happened, and here they were, flying all about me, as if they were controlled by the winds more than they rode them. I supposed I was quite the site, coming down from the forest, my generic trench coat blowing in the breeze created by innumerable crows circling me, cawing and crowing in every possible way. I have to admit, I felt quite powerful, in command of my own one-man universe. Everything I thought I could see and think and feel was out in front of me to manipulate and study. Self discovery does seem to be ultimate power. The pain in my shoulder seemed to verify that.
The birds were so thick round me I wondered how I saw where to walk, but somehow I did anyway. The moonlight reflected off of their feathers the same as it would a deep black lake. At night everything is black, white, or some shade of grey. It makes things simpler, to my eyes. I do better with shades of grey than with color anyway. The Raven on my shoulder eyed me like I had stolen something from him. I ignored him and concentrated on seeing through my new eyes. Though they only saw in shades of grey, I saw everything much more clearly, in refined detail; kinda like HDTV. Somehow, with all of my newfound senses, I missed the Coyote directly in front of me. As I noticed him, my horde of crows circled him like a tornado, then swirled back to me and calmly settled around us. Again, there was a black night all around us, flecked with a million pairs of starry black eyes reflecting the moonlight. The Coyote, strangely, was unperturbed by this display. Similarly, I was unperturbed when the Coyote began to speak. “Feed me.” He said, simply. Finally, I was greatly perturbed by the vacuum of perturbability that had formed around us, and decided to be perturbed for everyone present. “I beg your pardon, did you just talk?” The Coyote gave me a sideways glance and responded, “Did you?”
It wasn’t a bad question. “I believe I did. And I believe you did. This would mean that we are having a conversation, you and I.”
“Well I’m glad you’re all caught up to speed there Flash. So what are you going to do about feeding me?”
I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that my consciousness had taken the form of a murder of Crows. I had just come to terms with the idea that all of my sins, fears, and misgivings had coalesced into the form of a large white Crow. And now, I was being confronted by a rather uppity Coyote who was demanding dinner.
“These Crows of yours look mighty tasty.”
I hadn’t considered the tastiness of my inner thoughts. “Um, I suppose so. I uh, guess I could spare one… But I wouldn’t know which one to offer; you see they’re all rather close to me.”
The Coyote’s mouth began to water. Now that I looked directly at him, he was a scrawny, mangy thing; he must not have eaten in days. “Good. I knew you looked like a gracious guy. I’ll take the white one.”
“The white one?”
“The white one. He looks the fattest and juiciest. Yes I’ll take him if you don’t mind.”
Now, I am a firm believer in the phrase beggars can’t be choosers, but in this case I was happy with the beggar’s choice. It meant that I could get rid of this persistent pain in my shoulder, and ass for that matter. “Um ok. Let me just… just…re-move-him from my shoul-der…” As I tore the Crow from my shoulder, he left bloody marks on my flesh. I offered him to the Coyote, who swallowed him down hole… that little bastard glared at me with his blue eyes all the way down the Coyote’s throat.
“Mmm, just as good as he looked. Well, I’ll be off then. You uh, you take care of yourself. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” And with that he trotted off, looking far healthier than when he arrived.
It was a strange occurrence, but at least now I was closer to normal than I was since I left the forest. That damned Crow was off of my shoulder, and I felt far lighter, and far… stronger than I did before. My horde had changed as well. They seemed to swell with… confidence? They seemed livelier, rowdier, more like normal crows. They still did as I commanded, but with a lot more gusto than before. As they took to the air to continue our travels, I felt as if I would take off with them. My swirling mass of thought and action had come alive, and the world would be wise to stay out of our way. Seemingly on cue, a town appeared on the horizon. I would go there, and see what my journey had done to me, and what effects I would have on others. Even though the dawn was approaching, night was just falling on this small village.

The Crow's Song pt1

I walked alone in the woods one night. It was dark, as it should be at night, and a crisp wind blew, striking me dead in the face. It hurried around me, apologetically, and went about its way; apparently it had business elsewhere. I walked through this wood, and heard the raven’s cry; wait, no, it’s a crow. I wonder why the crow never gets as much respect as the raven. The Raven is always the one people seem to have a hard-on for. It’s like the Raven is the high end bird of choice for pagans and writers, and the Crow is the ghetto-brand bird. I suppose the Raven is thought to be more dramatic because it often flies alone, whereas Crows fly in huge hordes, descending en masse wherever they go. Rather common, people think. Of course, there was the movie, “the Crow” which obviously featured a Crow, but when the character was adopted by the wrestler Sting, he became the Raven.

I was jolted out of this revelry as I looked up and noticed that I was surrounded by what seemed to be thousands of crows. They were everywhere; it being autumn, I could see each and every one of them on the leafless trees of this deserted wood. They most certainly could see me, because each of them had an eye trained on me, relentlessly staring me down. As I pondered this new event, the Crows began to sing. Well, most people call it cawing, but to me it was singing, a million crows singing at once directly into my consciousness everything I had ever done and would do. I know there where one million because I heard each and every song individually, even as they sung at once I processed every note and every note was a symphony unto itself. It overwhelmed me so that I fell to my knees, clutching my head to keep it from exploding from everything that was rushing into me. The song of the horde caused a sort of orgasmic implosion of knowledge into my heretofore empty mind. I had previously thought that I knew things. I thought that I knew quite a bit about the world and the way things work, and why we love and hate and kill just to bring new life into the world. I had thought that I was pretty up to speed with such things, but now I knew that I knew nothing about the most important subject to me. Everything I gleaned from the Symphonic Crows I already knew, but never acknowledged, and so now my mind was truly alive with knowledge of self and other.

I opened my eyes when the singing stopped; whether it was an eternity or a fraction of a second, I cannot tell you. I was physically unharmed, but as I looked around I thought I had gone blind, for everything was black. Then I looked up and saw that the trees were empty. The blackness before me shifted slightly, and thousands of shining eyes trained themselves on me again. The horde was still there, but now they shared the earth with me, so close I could touch them, and spreading for what seemed like miles in every direction. They stared unblinking at me, almost expectantly, as if they were waiting, waiting for me to give a command. I felt different, like the years of "adulthood" had been sandblasted off of me, and something shiny and valuable underneath emerged from that shell of my self. I looked into their shining black eyes, and in their reflection saw that my eyes too were shining Ebony. My own dark pits were reflected at me, and in them I saw the symphony of discord and harmony that my legion had sung to me, the symphony of everything the human soul can contain. It was a beautiful melody.

I did not feel as if the birds were other now; I felt as if I flowed through them, as much as my blood flows through every cell in my body. They were I and I was them, and by extension, the entire forest was contained within me. I was content, as I sat and communed with the crows, singing them little songs to repay them for the songs they sang me. Through the myriad eyes and senses I now possessed, I felt an other that was as altogether familiar a it was foreign. I looked up and saw yet another crow staring at me, this one white as a snow bank, with a similar disposition. The crow’s crystal blue eyes gored me, bringing the cold in with them like an inconsiderate child leaving the front door open on a freezing winter morning. I shivered and rose to my feet. As the shiver ran through me and reached the ground, it rippled through my assembled horde as if they were a pool of ebon water with me at their center. The white crow flew down and hovered before me, daring me to defy it. Then to my horror, it opened its beak and began to sing, sing a song of discord, tragedy and woe. It was a macabre masterpiece of misery, mutilation, and morbidity. It rattled me to my core, because it was horrible, yes, but more so because it was familiar. I knew this feeling as intimately as I knew my own mind, and worst of all, I knew that somehow I had, or would, cause this nightmare to happen. I was the instrument of my own destruction, whether in the present or past I did not know, but it was clear. The white crow’s cacophonous song filled all of the spaces the other crows didn’t, like a mad storm looking for victims. The song roamed the woods, and then settled on me, and into me. I was not aware of myself, but when the song was over, the white crow was on my shoulder. None of the other crows had touched me, but the white one sat on my shoulder, as if he alone were my mascot.

The coldness left me, and I felt as one again. The Black Crows and the White Crow were all me, somehow, and I was all of them now. I began my travels anew. As I took my first step, when my boot hit the ground every bird took to the air as if they were an extension of my own self… every bird, of course for the one that decided that it would be different. The rumble of one million crow’s wings beating the air easily dwarfed the rumble of any helicopter. The white crow kept its perch as steadfastly as if it had been born there. The sum of all of my sins, faults, doubts and transgressions decided that it would stay closest to my heart. In retrospect, I could not think of a better place for my ivory cohort to be. Together we… I… continued on our journey, a cloud of crows moving towards the plains, with my white friend and me at its center.

The Good Student, Part 3

Two weeks later I called Jen. I had been calling Christine every other day, but she never called back. Jen said she hadn’t heard from Christine either. I started to get worried; from what Jen had told me Christine definitely wasn’t the type to do what the three of us had done a few nights ago, and I was afraid that she was experiencing some severe regrets. I wanted to do something to rectify the situation, but as I had not had a lot of experience with respectable women who actually felt some regret about the debauched activities they engaged in with me, I really didn’t know where to start. That night as I sat in my apartment pondering this very subject, my phone rang, and it was her. She had one of those voices that made everything better. Her voice reached down into my soul and extinguished all of the anxiety I had ever had about anything. She had a voice that could sooth a rabid dog, calm a rampaging elephant. In retrospect, I didn’t stand a chance. She did not have much to say. "Don’t talk", she began, "if you are serious about wanting to see me again, pick me up tomorrow night at 8. We are going out. If you agree, say yes." I was a bit taken aback by her directness, but as the theme of this month already seemed to be “John Dominated by Asian Girls”, I quickly answered "yes". She said "Good. Dress like an adult. You’re taking me to Nova Terra. If you ever, EVER want to experience what you experienced two weeks ago again, you’re going to have to show me that you can treat me like a lady. I say this because, despite my first impression, that is what I am. Is that clear?" Again, I acquiesced. "I’ll be there at 8". As she hung up on me I pondered this new turn of events; it seemed she wanted a date, a real romantic date. I spent the next 24 hours planning ways to romance the shit outta her.
I showed up at her dorm on Livingston promptly at 8 am in my big Black Mustang, and opened the door for her. She looked absolutely ravishing in a gold and white evening gown with matching white heels that appeared to be Monolos and a white Chanel bag. This girl really knew how to dress, a trait that I appreciated. She smiled appreciatively as I held the door for her, "I see you got my point, thank you sir.” As she went to sit down she noticed the dozen roses on the passenger seat, and picked them up. I closed the door and ran around to my side, thanking God that she looked before plopping her ass down on the big bundle of thorns sitting there. That would have been decidedly un-romantic. I got in and gunned the engine; horsepower impresses everyone, men and women. She fidgeted a little from the vibration, and said "the flowers are nice, if a little generic. At least they’re fresh." I could tell she wasn’t grading tonight on a curve, I’d have to be on my "A" game if I ever planned to get in her pants again. "So", I started, "what made you decide to give me a chance?" She gazed out the window and said, "I was a little ashamed of what I did with you and Jen; like I said, I really am not that kind of girl. But I have come to the decision that that kind of girl is inside of me somewhere, and you brought her out of me. And I liked it". As she said the last part, she looked at me and smiled a small smile, which made me feel all warm inside, like when you have the first shot of whiskey for the evening. "Who you saw that night was not me, not really. I usually am very picky about who I date, and I decided that you have to win me, earn the chance to be with me on a regular basis. You see what some of the perks are to being with me. I am not usually so forward, but I think the time to be coy has passed. You made the effort to call, so I think you have shown that you maybe serious about wanting to see me. I had to know for sure."

As she spoke I noticed she was starting to blush, another embarrassingly attractive quality she possessed. "Yes, I did want to see you. I wanted to see you that night and the next morning and every minute between then and now." I was gushing, definitely not my usual style; the cool, smooth seducer I usually am, was nowhere to be found. I found myself surprisingly emotionally naked before this woman. Fortunately we pulled up to Nova Terra before I could embarrass myself further. The valet opened Christine’s door and gave her a look that sparked a rarely felt emotion for me; jealousy. Usually when I am around my car, or whichever girl I am with that particular minute, all of the attention is on either my car or I. Sure people stare at the women I date, they’re all model quality, but I usually don’t care. For some reason I felt this powerful urge to not have that guy staring at my girl. I shot him a look that inferred a swift and blindingly painful demise for him if he even thought about looking at my date that way again. I had a lot of those looks; they come in handy when one is a superhero. He got my meaning immediately, and shuffled off to park my car. I ran over and opened the door for Christine, "sorry, I just had to take care of something." She looked at me and giggled, ‘yeah, I saw that. Try not to murder the bartender if he looks at me funny ok?"

She was right; I was coming off like a hyper-testosteroned 16 year old football jock protecting his cheerleader girlfriend. But damn she looked fine tonight. She held my arm as I ordered a table for two, and we went to the bar to wait. I ordered a Malibu bay breeze for her (when ordering for women always go with bay breeze or vodka/cran. 90% of the time it works 100% of the time) and a gin and tonic for myself. "How did you know I like Bay Breezes?" she asked. "I don’t know", I said, "lucky guess. So I didn’t mention it yet, but you absolutely gorgeous." She took a sip of her drink and said "first of all, thank you, and second of all, if I’m so gorgeous, why haven’t you noticed me before? Two weeks ago wasn’t the first time we had met you know." That can’t be right, I thought. I studied her face and searched my memory. Slowly my mind found several images of her from my past that I had never quite paid attention to. When Jen first caught my eye, Christine was right next to her. And she was also a physical therapist for the football team! I had seen her lots of times at practice, why had I never noticed before? I looked in her eyes and saw how hurt she had been that I hadn’t noticed her until we had sex.

“Oh my god, you’re one of the team trainers aren’t you?” She nodded and took another sip of her drink. "For the last three years. I’ve even worked on you from time to time, even though you never ever seemed to get hurt. In fact I don’t think I even once…" "Oh look, our table is ready", I interrupted. I tried to fake injuries every now and then in order to hide my secret identity, but the physical therapists would definitely be able to know for sure whether I was hurt or not. In any case I thought it a good idea to cover up a lie with some well-timed but damaging truth. I stalled for time, pulling out her chair for her, and looking over the menus. Eventually I said, "To be honest, I didn’t ever notice you; you weren’t my type of girl." I quickly added, "You aren’t a slut, and you have class. Most of my time here, I have been chasing the easy girls, the shallow girls, the ones who I absolutely knew that I could sleep with no problem at all. But you were not and are not that type of girl. I knew just from glancing at you that you were intelligent, that you had class and that you cared enough to carry yourself with a certain amount of respect. I was not used to girls like you, and I had no idea on how to even approach a girl… woman such as yourself.” Her eyes perked up a little and she said with a smile, "so what you’re saying is that I was too good for you?" Relieved that I had undone the tension somewhat, I said "Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. I’ve never been with a respectable woman before, and I had no idea how to even begin to try and romance one." I guess that was an acceptable answer, because she visibly relaxed somewhat, but then she looked me right in the eye and said "do you know how to romance a respectable woman now?" To be honest, it was a question I had been asking myself since yesterday. Her large brown eyes transfixed me. They were amazingly elegant and alluring, shining with strength and intelligence; I couldn’t bullshit this woman if my life was on the line. I didn’t want her to know that I doubted myself though, so with all of the fake confidence I could muster, I said "That’s for you to decide, now isn’t it? But I think the answer will be yes."
Dinner went uneventfully, but we had very good conversation. Turns out that she isn’t a physical therapist yet, but that’s what her eventual goal is. Right now she’s just doing what she can to get experience for when she applies to grad school. The more we talked the more beautiful she became. I gave her all of the signs that I was paying attention, being a good listener is very important to women, but all the time I was cursing myself for not noticing her sooner. I already knew that she was a Tiger in bed, but I did not realize how wonderful it could be to have an actual real conversation with a girl for the purpose of learning information, and not just to talk her into having sex with me. I wasn’t just learning about her, I was learning that a woman could actually be more than a sex object. Look, I’m a 20 year old male, don’t judge me; It takes most guys decades to figure out that women are good for more than just sex. It took me 2, sue me. I did all of the gentlemanly things, I ordered for her, I didn’t eat like huge ravenous monster, I put my napkin in my lap, kept my elbows off of the table, in short I tried to show her that I wasn’t raised by wild pigs. It seemed to impress her, because I am certain that she noticed. I don’t think that I used the right fork for my salad, but I don’t think she was grading that closely… I hope. When we were finished eating, they cleared a space for dancing and started to play some salsa. "Oh", I said, "do you like to dance?" Without waiting for an answer I dragged her to the dance floor." “But Johnny” she said, “I don’t know how to salsa, I’m really not that great a dancer." I had already set my sights on what I wanted to do, when a slow salsa song started up. "Its OK babe", I said, "just follow my lead."

I took her by the waist and pulled her close to me. I guided her across the floor; she wasn’t as bad as she said she was. Either that, or she was an incredibly fast learner; when I spun her, she spun, when I dipped her, she dipped. I had never achieved such synergy the first time dancing such a complicated dance. She was light on her feet and very comfortable in her own skin. After a few songs she started to anticipate where I was going, and our bodies moved as one. The more we danced, little beads of sweat began to form on her chest and trickle down her breasts; an incredibly erotic sight. In fact, the whole thing was turning me on a lot considering that her ass wasn’t grinding against my crotch like most of the girls I dance with. I couldn’t tell how she was feeling; she was concentrating too hard on keeping up with me. But she looked like she was having fun, and the closer we became the more I would touch her. It was the most subtle seduction I had ever attempted; a caress there, a brush here, every now and then my hand would graze her breast or drift across her stomach, lingering every so briefly on her curvaceous hips. To my surprise, I noticed that it actually seemed to be working. Almost imperceptibly she seemed to be getting turned on. She started to breathe faster and faster, and it wasn’t from the dancing. Who knew that not being an overbearing jerk could actually win you a woman; more importantly, who knew I had the ability to not be an overbearing jerk? This girl was teaching me more about myself in one night than I had learned in the last year. As I was lost in revelry, I hadn’t noticed that my body was on auto-pilot, and was running Christine ragged. I gathered her up and took her back to the bar.

"I’m sorry", I said, I get kind of carried away when I’m dancing. You are great by the way, you really underestimate yourself." I ordered her water, which she drank immediately. "I don’t know, I felt like you were doing all of the work." "Oh, I was" I said, "When I dance with someone less experienced than me, I lead as much as possible, but when you learn more steps, I’ll be an afterthought. You’ll be the star of the dance floor. You know, assuming that we have a second date." She dabbed some sweat off of her head, around her neck, and then down her chest. I couldn’t help but stare every bit of the way. "Well, right now it’s looking like a distinct possibility. I’ve never danced like that before, and I want to do it again, after I’ve had some time to practice. I just wanna say thank you Johnny, I really like having new experiences like this." She hugged my arm and nuzzled against me like she always wanted to be right were she was right now; eliciting a response something akin to what I’ve heard can be called "Love?" "Hm? What did you say?" "Oh nothing, nothing. Hey why don’t we get out of here, I know somewhere we can go." We went to the door where my car was waiting. I quickly inspected it for scratches, and just for fun, shot the attendant yet another glance that I’m certain brought him to the edge of complete pants urination. I looked at Christine to find that she was suppressing a smirk. “You like it when I scare people, don’t you?” She straightened her face out and lied “No, that is wrong, and you shouldn’t be doing that.”

The valet attempted to open the door for her, and I looked him off and opened the door myself. This time I definitely saw her giggle. We took off down 18, speeding all the way. I didn’t have to worry about cops because Melissa radar-proofed my Mustang, but Christine didn’t know that. However, she was surprisingly calm as I aggressively wove through the ever-present traffic in East Brunswick. "I hope the way I drive doesn’t bother you", I said full well knowing that I wanted to see how she’d take my driving, “I tend to speed." She reclined leisurely in my comfortable leather seat, "No, actually I like it. It’s relaxing and exciting at the same time, like being in an action movie. Besides, I trust you." She likes the way I drive! I was giddy; very few girls could stand the way I drove when I drove the way I wanted to. Also, the concept of a woman “trusting” me was quite foreign; I had no idea what a woman meant when she said she trusted a guy. I’d have to ask Melissa about that tomorrow. "Where are we going anyway? It’s the middle of the night and all the bars are closed. We already ate so we can’t be going to a diner." I could tell that all of the Bay Breezes were starting to kick in as her face took on a nice rosy red flush. She took her heels off and put her feet on my dashboard. Hm, cute toes. "We are going to the beach.” "Really", she said, "but it’s the middle of the night. People don’t go to the beach at night." "Exactly", I said.

Twenty minutes later we were walking in the sand at Point Pleasant. I carried her so that 1. She didn’t have to put her heels back on and 2. The alcohol really started hitting her on the way down and she was having trouble walking on sand. I sat us down on one of the dunes next to the water, and she sat in my lap. I held her close as we gazed out into the deep blue darkness of the Atlantic Ocean at night, and we just talked. We talked about everything; school, work (her job), sports (my job), money, our families, our past, our future… everything. I had never been on a date that lasted this long where I wasn’t having sex with the girl by now, and I did not care. Apparently there are other types of gratifying intercourse other than sexual. I had never felt so relaxed and at ease in my life, and the feeling seemed to be mutual, as I looked down and noticed she had fallen asleep in my lap like a little kitten. As I ran my fingers through her jet-black hair, I laid back and closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, to mark it down in permanent ink in my consciousness. It is moments like these that sustain me when life is literally exploding around me and everything is chaos and pain. These quiet times with people who really mean something to me, this is the meaning of life. Right now, my entire life was summed up in this dream of a woman who slept like an Angel in my lap.
I thought maybe 5 minutes had passed, but when I opened my eyes again the sun was up. "Christine, Chris wake up, we fell asleep." She slowly came to and looked at the sun coming up over the waves. "Mmmm it’s beautiful." “Come on honey, it’s time to go home." I gathered her up again and carried her back to the car. She looked like a little Asian angel in my passenger seat, and it was hard for me to take my eyes off of her and focus on the road. When we got back to Livingston I gently nudged her awake. “Chris babe, you’re home.” I walked her to her door and suddenly realized that I was not automatically invited in. She looked up at me with her gorgeous brown eyes and said, ‘Johnny, I had a wonderful night. You are hereby invited to call me later today for a second date.” She smiled a smile brighter than the rapidly rising sun. “OK, that’s cool. But do I get a good night, er, good morning kiss?” Her answer was not with words, but with the slowest, most seductive, gentle, kiss I had ever had, or have had since. It was deceptive, for somewhere in her kiss there was a hint of the Tiger I had experienced two weeks ago. I can’t imagine that was an accident, I think maybe she wanted to remind me what my reward for good behavior could be. "Good night Johnny.” I watched her as she walked up the stairs inside until she was out of sight. I focused on her walk; she had been out all night, I danced her ragged, then we slept on the beach, and she still managed to walk like a supermodel; in heels no less. I took a deep breath and headed back to my car, her kiss leaving me more hung-over than any vodka ever could. Her scent lingered in my car, and every time I inhaled thoughts of her filled my head yet again. That’s how my first lesson in dating a respectable girl went. I decided that if all of my lessons were going to be like this, then I would be her best student from now on.

The Good Student, Part 2

My phone rang around 7 o clock on Wednesday night. It was my best friend Jen. She is a crazy girl, and very experienced with boys, but she’s always been good to me . For instance, she has a few boys that she keeps around more or less as pets. They do her bidding, and the ones that are very good she will let do stuff to her. She always says I need to be more adventurous and open-minded, but that was never really my thing. She has a dirty mouth, and I always use the proper words for things. She gives me a dirty look whenever I say “penis” or “vagina”. “Christine”, she says, “it’s cock and cunt. What are you, 12?” I just look down when she says things like that. I wish I could be more confident and outgoing as she is, but she knows as well as I do how traditional Filipino families are, and I am a product of that. “That’s no excuse”, she says, “I am a product of that too. Look, I’ll be by to pick you up at 8. Dress up, we’re going to go out tonight, but first we’re going to stop by my friend’s house. His name is Johnny, and he will help you learn how to loosen up.” I didn’t like the sound of that at all, but I have to admit that I was intrigued. “Ok, I’ll be ready.”

I put on my 7 For All Mankind jeans and my 4 inch Manolo heels. I don’t know if I looked sexy, but I felt sexy, and that would have to be good enough. Jen pulled up right on time in her new Eclipse and we drove over to one of the new dorms on College Ave. We got in the elevator and she put in a special code to go to the penthouse. I started to wonder exactly who this “Johnny” person was. “It’s Johnny Taurus” she said quite casually. My heart nearly stopped. The big, black, gorgeous, sexy football hero Johnny Taurus? “Jen! You didn’t tell me we were going to see HIM! I WOULD HAVE DRESSED BETTER!” Jen just leaned against the wall in the elevator and brushed the hair out of her eyes. “Christine, calm down. You look fine. You need to be taught a lesson, and John is going to help you learn. Don’t you trust me?” I calmed down a little and looked at her. “Yes, I trust you. I just wish you had told me.” She stood up straight and arched her back in a cat-like way. “If I had told you, you would have chickened out. Now come on, we’re here.”

His apartment was wonderful to say the least. It was no regular dorm room; it took up the whole top floor of the building. It had a huge living room with the kitchen off to the right, and the bedrooms in the back. Christine made her way to the back and told me to make myself comfortable. I sat down on a love seat across from one of the big couches and checked my makeup. I don’t know why she brought me along for this. Jen is much prettier than me. What would Johnny want with me if she is here? Eventually they came out together, Jen looking very smug. Johnny looked sexier than I imagined him to. I had always had a thing for Black guys, but I was always too shy to do anything bout it. He wore a wife beater which showcased his big, strong arms and wide muscular chest. He wore black jeans and no shoes. His skin was a delicious shade of dark brown, and his smile… well, his smile just made me warm all over. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting here in the company of the sexiest man I had ever seen. I was reacting like a little girl with her first crush. I had to pull myself together so I wouldn’t look like a total idiot in front of this man. He came over and sat next to me instead of Jen, which shocked me. He put his arm around me and said “You’re right, Jen. She is cute. But are you sure she’s up to this? She looks really nervous.” I sat up straight and glared at him. “No! I am not scared. I was just surprised to see you, that’s all.” As nervous as I was, my pride would not let me show it. I snuggled up against him and said “So, what are you supposed to be teaching me?” with all of the fake bravado I could muster. Johnny leaned over and whispered into my ear, “This”. All of the air rushed out if my body and he gently kissed and sucked on my neck. Suddenly, breathing became difficult.

Then, Jen did something I’ve never seen her do before; she opened up her blouse and started to rub her breasts. “Christine, take his shirt off.” I felt myself turning a deep shade of red. This wonderful, beautiful man was kissing my neck-- and, where were his hands going -- and my best friend was watching us and enjoying herself! “Christine, take his shirt off and rub your hands over his chest now! Do you want me to make him stop?’ I was breathless but I managed to say, “No… No, I don’t want him to stop. Please don’t stop.” Jen then took her bra off and was brazenly playing with her nipples. “If you haven’t realized yet Chris, I’m in charge here. You and Johnny are performing for my amusement. Do what I say or I make Johnny stop. And I know you don’t want that, do you?” At this point, Johnny had one hand on my left breast and his other down my pants. My hands ran up and down Johnny’s rock-hard chest and took his shirt off. It was as if they were acting in their own. All of it seemed like I was out of my mind, in a dream. But I did not want it to end, no matter how strange I knew I would feel about it later.

I did what Jen said. Johnny’s hand worked expertly on my clit. I could not believe how wet I was, I had already soaked my panties, and he had just started. I moaned as much as I could, but it was hard to breathe with the waves of pleasure that I was experiencing. I could not believe what I was doing but I was so turned on, I couldn’t stop. Johnny was rough with me but I felt so safe with him. I let him do whatever he wanted to me. I wanted him to use me for his own pleasure. God, what was happening to me?! His other hand twisted and tweaked my dark brown nipples, raising them to a hardness that could cut glass. He slipped a finger easily into my hole and I gasped for air. “Jen, I don’t know if I should do this anymore. This girl isn’t breathing!” I scratched my nails into his chest with surprising fierceness and said, “No, no, don’t stop. I’m fine.” Christine was ready to put forth a new set of orders.

“No she isn’t going to stop Johnny she’s just getting started. Chris, pull out his cock and suck him.” My eyes grew wide. “You want me to what? I can’t suck his penis, at least not in front of you.” Jen gave me a harsh look and said, “No, you won’t suck his penis. I want you to put his big black cock in your mouth until he blows his load down your throat. Do you understand?” I didn’t have much willpower left at this point after what Johnny was doing to my… pussy. I ran my fingers over his washboard abs and into his pants. What I found there was marvelous to say the least. His pe… cock was beautiful. It was 10 inches already, and he wasn’t fully hard yet. “I can’t swallow all of this, but I’ll try”, I said as I ran both hands up and down his shaft. I was hypnotized by the monster I had pulled from his pants. Johnny laid back, ready to enjoy the ride. “That’s okay, baby. You just do you best and everything else will take care of itself. You want to, don’t you?” I was overcome with want, “Yes. God, yes.” Jen interjected, “Yes what, Chris? What do you want to do? I want to hear you say it.” I hesitated, and then I gathered myself and said “I want to suck his cock. I want his big, black cock in my mouth. Can I, Jen?” Jen smiled a wide smile and said “You always were a fast learner, Chris. Yes, you may suck his cock.”

I was suddenly glad I had a wide mouth as I let his cock slide between my lips. To my own surprise, I gobbled it down hungrily, stuffing myself with as much as I could handle. I tasted and savored his hot tool in my mouth, then pulled it up and slid down again. Soon I was bobbing my head up and down like a woman possessed. My saliva ran down over my hand. I couldn’t believe I was drooling so much over this man’s cock that it formed a little puddle on his stomach. I couldn’t get enough. I ran my tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his dick, never stopping jerking him off with both hands. There was a fire deep inside me that wanted to please this man as fast as possible. I wanted to receive my reward as soon as I could, in my mouth and all over my face. “Jen, can he cum in my mouth and on my face? Please?” I also was surprised at how fast a learner I had been. Part of what scared me and fascinated me about all this was how much I enjoyed performing for my best friend, taking direction from her and asking for permission to do by far the most perverse things that I had ever done in my life. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed doing it. I wasn’t in control. I had never been a normal, submissive Asian girl, but here I was-- blowing a black guy I just met for my friend’s amusement. I loved every minute of it.
Jen now had her skirt around her waste and was playing with her clit, her other had still rubbing and kneading her breasts. Her pussy was as wet as mine and that made me even more excited. The idea that I was sexy and that I turned her on made me feel… I don’t even know how to describe it. Whatever the feeling was, it ended up being good for Johnny as I put even more effort into the blow job I was giving him. If I had an audience, I wanted to do my best to put on a good performance. I put his cock back into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. In no time at all he gave me my reward for a job well done. The first wave filled my mouth just by itself, so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and let him wash me down with the rest of his hot seed. It felt so good. I let the last bit drip onto my own breasts. I had never felt the sense of satisfaction that I did from seeing the look of serenity that I had put on Johnny’s face. He looked so peaceful, like a big, Black, spent angel. I looked over at Jen and she was suddenly right next to me. “You’re a good girl, Christine. Here, let me clean you up.” I sat there frozen as she licked the cum off of my face and breasts. My body tingled and shuddered; I didn’t know what to do. I was never interested in girls sexually, but this… felt wonderful. My vagina was on fire. I needed him inside me desperately. “Jen, Jen, please? Can he fuck me? I need him to fuck me!” I could barely breathe, my lust was making it hard to do anything. Jen finished swallowing the last of Johnny’s cum that she had sucked off of my nipples and said, “You have been a good girl.” She looked towards Johnny and said, “Fuck her like you fucked me.”

Wordlessly, Johnny picked me up and placed me on the couch, spreading my legs as far apart as they would go. Amazingly, he was still hard as steel, and he aimed that weapon of his at my dripping hole (when did I start to think in such dirty language?). He pushed into me slowly, and I wrapped my legs around his back, pulling him inside me. Sensing my urgency, he started to fuck me hard and fast. My wetness made all sorts of obscene sucking and squishing noises as he dove in and out of me. Things came out of my mouth that I never thought I would hear myself say. “Oh, goddamit! Yes, fuck the shit out of me you big, black motherfucker!” I haven’t sworn like that before or since. He pushed my legs back so far that my feet were flat against the back of the couch. I was completely open, and I needed to be in order to accept all that he was giving me. After what felt like hours and at least 5 orgasms later, my mind reeled from what was happening. I started to hope that he was close to coming, because I really wasn’t sure how much more my mind and body could take of this. “Johnny, please cum, please, I can’t take any more, I want more of your hot cum in my mouth!” For the first time in a while, I remembered that Jen was there, and I looked over to see what she was doing. She now had four fingers of one hand inside of her, and the other hand was vigorously rubbing her clit. She looked quite disheveled and sweaty, as if she had cum several times herself. “Yeah, Johnny. You’ve fucked her enough. Be a good boy and shoot a big, hot bunch of spooge in her mouth. And when he does, Chris, hold it in your mouth until I say you can swallow.” Johnny and I both nodded as he increased his pace. I was on the verge of sensory overload; my nerves were shot from the intense pleasure I had experienced, and I felt woozy. Suddenly he pulled out and put his cock right in my face. I was not so out of it that I didn’t know what to do then. I put the head right between my lips and welcomed his cum into my mouth yet again. This time I tried to hold it but it was far too much; a lot of it ran down my chin back onto my breasts. When he was done he collapsed onto the couch, and Jen was immediately right next to me. Her hair was down and she was half naked. “Kiss me.” she said, not in a commanding tone, but in the same breathless needing way that I had begged Johnny to fuck me. Without thinking I put my mouth to hers and we shared in the creamy dessert that Johnny had given me. As our tongues played together she sucked his cum from my mouth and swallowed it. When it was all gone we separated, a thin slimy trail of … a lot of stuff hanging between our lips. As she wiped her face off she said “Now tell me, don’t you feel loosened up?” I had so much to process in my head. So much had happened and I had learned more about myself

in the last 2 hours than a long damn time. “Jen”, I said, “If all of your lessons are like that, then you can consider me to be your best student from now on.”

The Good Student, Part 1

I was in Bio class, a class that bores me nearly to violence. It’s not that Biology is a boring subject in general, but is incredibly boring for me. In the course of oh, say, a 4 month semester, I usually break 80% of my bones, get shot in all of my major organs, and sustain fatal injuries to everything else. Consequently I am intimately familiar with the human body and all of the injuries it can sustain. It’s like when you own a shitty car, you become an amateur mechanic because of all the stuff that breaks on your shitty car. There’s very little else I can learn from this fat professor who smells faintly of Drakkar Noir. I usually pass time in class by making up little stories about what his social life must be like and the awfully inept, awkward dates he goes on. Whatever other time I had to kill in class I spent flirting with the prettier girls in the class. Eventually though, you run out of girls, and I make a practice of not sleeping with any random girls I meet in class more than twice. The problem now was that it was late in the semester and I had pretty much exhausted my options.
There was one girl I hadn’t talked to yet, but it was more because she was not my type. She was one of those quiet little Asian girls who never make waves, does what she’s told, and gets an A all the time. Not my type at all…I like girls who have the potential for wildness, who can get me going. There’s a certain excitement from corrupting innocent good girls, but I was afraid I would be just too much work to do for this girl. She was pretty enough by far…dark yellow skin like gold…Filipino I think, and deep soulful eyes, nearly black, lurking behind surprisingly modern frames. She dressed the way she should, generic, but neat. As I observed her taking notes (missing all of said notes in the process) I noticed the slight swell of her breasts, which produced a slight swell in my pants in response. “Hell, who am I to argue with my dick, I thought, “if she is good enough for him, she’s good enough for me.” The next step was how to bed the beauty; most quiet little good girls are scared to death of a big black guy like me, and my big black…well, you know. But it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Hell I had nothing better to do tonight.
After class I approached her and asked if she could help me study for the final. "Oh hi, you’re Johnny Taurus right? The football player?" Again my reputation preceded me. Maybe she was a fan, which would make things easier. "Yeah that’s me, and you are?"
She blushed ever so slightly and looked away. It was perhaps the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. "Oh, my name is Jen. I watch you at the games. I had always wanted to talk to you but I never thought I would I considered myself lucky to just be in class with you."
Ah, hero worship never, ever gets old. This may be easier than I thought. "Well, Jen, I guess you wouldn’t mind helping me study for the final then huh? I just don’t get this Bio stuff, and I couldn’t help but notice how smart you are." She blushed harder and avoided my eyes, but her joy was palpable. "Oh I do my best. I mean, if you think you need help, I think I could help you. Are you busy tonight?"
She’s on the hook, now to reel her in. "No baby, I have nothing to do but spend time with you. And study, you know?" Now the smile…they can never resist the smile. Our eyes met for the first time and she looked like she was going to cum right then. "O-OK, 8 then. I have to go now, but come to my room, Quad s house 21, room 12. Come at 7 OK? I will see you then." She trotted off like she had just won the lottery. Little did I know that it was I who had hit the jackpot.
Around 6:50 pm that evening (I’ve found that Asian girls like it when you’re early) I called my good little Filipino girls number, and she came right down to let me in. She was wearing a surprisingly short skirt that I had never seen before. Her legs were tan and toned, incredibly sexy and powerful. I think she caught me staring at her ass as she climbed the stares, but she did not let on, which is nice because she would have also caught me drooling. If her legs were sexy her ass was beyond lust-inducing. I made a mental note to always do what my penis tells me, even if it seems at the outset to be an revoltingly stupid idea. She was wearing a RU Football shirt which hung daintily over her perky breasts and hard nipples. When we got to her room she was listening to naughty-girl music, namely TLC’s "Red Light Special". I put my books down and surveyed her room…there were far more pictures of half naked men then I would have originally suspected. I sat down as she busied herself in the closet with something. "Make yourself at home Johnny, I just need to get some study aids out." I sat down and looked at her computer desktop; more naked men. There were candles lying about, and some pieces of metal that looked like…like…nipple clamps?
"I hope you didn’t think you were coming here to study were you?"
I turned around and there she was, wearing nothing but her glasses, a black thong and a very wicked smile. "Because I have other plans for you. Now get on your back. get on your fucking back!" I jumped at the sudden angry tone she used. I was already off guard by her stripping before I even had a chance to seduce her, but her forcefulness was completely uncharacteristic. I lay down and she jumped on top of the bed and dug one of her stiletto heels into my chest. “When did she put those o-"OUCH!" "Shut the fuck up you fucking pussy. I’ve been dreaming of fucking the great and mighty Johnny Taurus all year, and you’re not going to ruin it by fagging out on me, now are you? ARE YOU!?!" She dug her heel deeper into my chest, and I had to stifle the urge to say anything else. I had obviously made a judgment error in assuming that this was your average Good Asian Girl. My reverie was interrupted by the spilling of hot wax on my chest. "I like the sounds boys make when I hurt them. Don’t worry; I’ll make it up to you." At this point I realized I had no control over the situation, and, actually, I had no problem with that. This was loads more fun than I was expecting to have.
Jen kindly removed her heel from my ribcage and pulled off my clothes until I was naked. I was hard as a rock at this point, shooting straight up into the air. "Ah Johnny, you do not disappoint. It’s not the nicest cock I’ve ever had, but it’ll do. Now if you haven’t guessed you’re going to do exactly what I say, or you get no treat understand?" I nodded in assent, amused by the total freak I had gotten myself involved with. "Now first I want you so suck my pussy, and lick it like you mean it or no treat for daddy. She lowered her soaking wet pussy onto my face and smacked me in the head. "Eat it you fucking sissy! Lick my fucking cunt till I scream!" Not being a soldier who disobeyed orders, I immediately stuck my tongue in her hole and wiggled it around. She was indeed leaking like a faucet, and her juices tasted wonderful dripping down my throat. I moved my tongue to her clit, licking it up and down as fast as I could (which, as you can imagine, is pretty fast). She obviously approved as she was to busy moaning to abuse me more. She was not however too distracted to continue swearing like a drunken sailor. "Oh YES, YES! LICK ME YOU FUCKING NIGGER! LICK MY FUCKING PUSSY, YES, YES SWALLOW MY CUM! OH GOD YOU WHORE, YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKING BITCH MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM HARD!" I sped up my tongue speed to that of a vibrator, and rubbed her nipples between my fingers. She came and she came hard; I’m sure the whole quad heard her scream. And I licked up every bit of juice that came from her. I couldn’t help but to, it was like Snapple, made from the best stuff on Earth.
She fell back across my chest, with her face just inches from my dick. MMM. That was goooooooooood. I may have to be nicer to you. "I wiped my face off and said "Now did I earn the treat mistress Jenny?" She smiled at me and said "don’t be a smart-ass. Now let me get to work on this monster. She rolled over, and her tight little ass was in my face again, but this time she was focused on me. She spun around, she said, because she wanted, me to see what a good girl could do to a good cock. She immediately swallowed half of it, 6 inches, and came up. "My mouth is a lot bigger than it looks Mr. Football Star", she said as she jerked my pole with both hands. "Now I should warn you, many men have been unable to function properly mentally after one of my blowjobs. You just might fail all your finals." I smiled and put my hands behind my head, "that’s just a risk I’ll have to take."
She went back to work on my cock, sliding her full lips up and down my shaft like it was the only think she ever wanted to do. Her mouth was warm and inviting, and she soon had the whole thing covered in her saliva. The wetter she got it the faster she jerked me, and the harder she sucked. Her enthusiasm was what made it so good; she swallowed my dick like it was the key to saving her family’s life. She dug her nails into my thighs as she blew me, and the mixture of pain and pleasure was surprisingly nice. Who would have guessed that such a nice, sweet, good girl would be turning me into a masochist? With some effort she pulled my cock from her mouth and said "I know you’re enjoying this, but quite frankly I don’t give a shit. Time for me to get what I brought you here for." She sat up on my lap and rubbed my cockhead up and down her slippery slit. Then with no warning she slammed herself down and the whole 12 inches in one move, something I wouldn’t have recommended. "Be careful, you might puncture something." Jen had her eyes closed tight, as if she were trying to levitate a car using only her mind. "You shut the fuck up…I know what I’m doing. My cunt can take this and more, just watch."
Jen, after properly settling in on my monster cock, raised herself up and slammed herself down on it again. I was close to cumming already, her cunt was the tightest I had, and she knew how to control it. Her juices made it easy for her to get me in, and she then proceeded to fuck as hard as I had every fucked any girl. She pounded my cock into herself like a jackhammer. She squatted over my cock and repeatedly pulled most of it out before shoving it all back in again. "Enjoy this you bitch", she said, "you won’t ever have pussy like this again. This Pinay Pussy is the best you will ever have, believe that." I had no reason to doubt her. As she fucked me I never wanted it to end. Her face was the picture of innocence, but her body was doing the dirtiest thing imaginable to me. The contrast was more than I could take. "I god, I’m gonna lose it."
This statement did not please Jen. "Don’t you dare, don’t you dare cum before me or so help me god I will make you regret it." This, actually, scared the shit out of me, so, using my super muscle control I held back and until she had yet another screaming orgasm, rattling the walls, and leaving long scratches down my chest. To my surprise she recovered in no time, and started sucking my cock again. "It’s not a complete cum until you cum too. Now I want you to be a good boy and cum in mommy's mouth." I really needed no more prompting than that, and let my tide of hot semen wash down her throat and onto her face. The sight of her pretty, good-girl glasses covered in cum made me shoot again, landing in her hair. The effort damn near killed me, and I collapsed on her bed, unable to move or speak for 5 minutes. Jen, for her part, was no worse for wear, casually wiping the cum off of her face and licking it off of her fingers. It was unbearably sexy, and my cock was hard again in no time. "Hm, ready for round 2 big boy? I haven’t even gotten started. Wait till I get the whip out." A small "eep" escaped my lips as I realized that with this good girl I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I will never underestimate a sweet looking girl again.