Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Adjustments part 2

Lee Smith was accustomed to getting what he wanted. He was one of the few stock brokers on Wall Street who wasn’t universally hated for robbing the general public of their money. On the contrary, he had seen the writing on the wall early, and cleaned up his act way before his colleagues did. When the mobs came and guillotined his co-workers in Times Square, Lee found himself looking like one of the good guys. He had cut ties to Bernie Madoff way before Madoff dragged himself and everyone around down with him. Lee was good at seeing the train coming down the tracks, and he was always smart enough to get out of the way. This was one of the traits he tried to instill most in his son Gunnar. He loved his son, but Gunnar was woefully unprepared for what he couldn’t see coming. He never handled change well, and the unexpected usually took him completely by surprise.

Consequently, he knew very well that his son and his son’s dancing partner were going to have troubles this year. He knew that Shaylbeigh, no matter how hard she tried to stop it, was developing, and that there was nothing she could do about it, it was simply the effects of the passage of time. He also knew that his son, who was generally very intelligent, would be caught completely off guard by Shayl’s development. He also recognized that this would cause friction, tension, and dissension in his camp. Having once been a horny young man himself, he was pretty sure he knew where all of this would leave. So when he waited for the night when Gunnar and Shayl to have a late practice, he knew that the night he was waiting for had come.

“You didn’t expect the two of you to get better without your stalwart coach’s leadership did you?” Lee looked at his team and smiled, while undoing his tie. Shayl and Gunnar, on the other hand, could not have been more mortified. They were both stark naked and on display in front of their Coach (and Father!) This was worse than being caught, because there was no way to possibly cover themselves. What was even stranger was how cavalierly their Coach seemed to be responding to the situation. Gunnar stammered and stuttered his embarrassment to his father, “Dad, what are you, I can’t… this isn’t…” Shaylbeigh, for her part, couldn’t have cared less. They were obviously caught, and she wasn’t about to let a little exposure harsh her buzz. She was still riding the tiny waves of pleasure that her orgasm had produced, and thought it best to sit back and enjoy herself.

“Bon jour Couch Smith. Gunnar and I thought that putting in some extra time together would help improve our performance. And your son is an excellent performer.” She smiled a lustily satisfied smile and stroked the inside of her coaches thigh. Gunnar’s penis had retreated like a French soldier in the face of his shame, but Shaylbeigh was far from being done. The tiny reverberations of pleasure seemed to trigger more more yearnings between her legs, and she figured if she had already gone and fucked her partner, why stop here? The only person she trusted more in the world was her Coach.

“You’re right, it was so rude of us to not include you. Can I make it up to you now?” Lee had his shirt off and was reaching to undo his pants. He had been painfully erect for the last 20 minutes, watching his son fuck his protege, and it was high time he had some relief. “Oh yes Shayl, you can.” His cocked leapt from his pants and landed with a *plop* on her nose. Shayl craned her head backwards and sucked as much of his cock down her throat as she could. She wasn’t nearly the sex kitten that she portrayed to the media, but she found that she was quite the fast learner when it came to cock-sucking. She sat up on her elbows so that she could take more of him into her mouth, and worked her head back and forth. Lee had plenty of blow-jobs in his life, but this amateur was working like a professional. Luckily for him she never learned how to use her hands, so he was definitely getting the hands-free head he had always dreamed of. Shayl’s nipples were extra-hard again, and Lee found himself salivating at the sight of her delicious pussy.

“Hey boy, make yourself useful and eat our little Shayl’s pussy? You should know by now to never let a girls clit go unattended.” Gunnar had never heard his father talk like this. Then again, he had never seen his dad get a blowjob from his ice dancing partner before, so this was just a day full of firsts for him. Eventually his mind came around to the same conclusion that Shaybeigh’s did, and he bent forward on the bench and sank his tongue as far into his partner’s juices as he could. Shaylbeigh jumped and nearly hurt herself; she was in an incredibly awkward position. Her neck and back were strained backwards, her throat full of dick, and her entire weight rested on her ass as she wrapped her legs around Gunnar’s head. If she wasn’t used to be twisted around so much she might have been uncomfortable. She was also enjoying the fact that she was getting pleased at both ends, but it did occur to her that there were better ways of doing this. She carefully extracted the many inches of penis from her throat and said “For a Coach you are not doing a very bad job of directing.” Lee got the point and said “You’re right, there are more comfortable places we could be doing this. You two throw something on and follow me.”

The trio went up the elevator to the executive offices of the practice rink. Because of Lee’s donations it was overly posh for a practice rink office, but this is exactly the reason Lee had the place upgraded. He dropped his pants again, and Shayl beamed at the sight of his 10 inch rod. She had her silky robe on again, but now was wearing nothing but her heels. Gunnar was behind her, holding her hand. She performed a slow striptease for them and then took charge of the situation once again. “Now, do my two big strong men want to make me happy tonight? Go sit on opposite ends of the couch.” The Smiths did as she said and sat naked on each side of the couch. The voice screaming in his head that it was very wrong for him to have a threesome with his Father and his Partner was quickly drowned out by the even more impressive longing his cock had to return to Shayl’s pussy. Everything Gunnar had trained himself to be at this point in his life rebelled against the way Shayl had total control now over his body and mind… and he just didn’t care. He did still feel weird that he was sitting but a few feet away from his naked father, but Shayl solved that problem quickly.

“Now tonight, and if we ever do this again, you both understand that I am the one who makes the rules, and you are the ones who obey them yes?” The Smith men nodded their heads childishly, like kids who are anxiously behaving in order to get an extra cookie after dinner. “Good”, Shayl said, and an evil smile planted itself firmly on her lips. She wound up her body like a snake, hypnotically, then just as quickly she raised her left foot high in the air and brought it down on Gunnar’s left shoulder. It hurt more than he could ever think she could hurt him, but he was to embarrassed to show his discomfort. A bruise soon appeared where her foot was, but he did not care. All he cared about at this point was the wet tantalizing flesh that awaited him at the top of her thigh.

“Gunnar my sweet, you will eat me and eat me and eat me until and after I gush all over your face. And since it would be rude to ruin this nice couch, I want you to make sure you swallow every bit of my cum, yes? Treat it as precious and do not let it hit the ground.” Again, Gunnar weakly nodded his head. He was still trying to wrap his head around what was happening, when Shayl just as quickly brought her foot back to her body, gracefully posing on one platformed heel. She made a point to drag her heel across his shoulder, leaving a slowly burgeoning rivulet of blood where her Jimmy Choo had been. She then turned her attention to the elder Smith and said “As for you, Coach, you are going to let me suck that big cock of yours and you will cum in my mouth. While I’m doing so you will gently pull and tug at my hard nipples, do you understand?”

Lee smiled broadly and said “Well look who’s giving the orders now. I never would have thought you’d grow into your body this way, not when I met you as a panicked lil girl with stagefright. Oh, and I don’t get any ‘punctuation’ to my orders? If my son can take it surely I can.” Shay inwardly bristled at the reminder of how scared she had been to perform when Lee first took her as a student. Again in a flash, she raised her right leg and planted it right on his chest, slightly impaling him and immediately drawing blood. “All I require from you is a yes or a no.” Lee smiled again and said “That’s more like it. Yes, I will do whatever you say.”

Shayl withdrew her foot, again, slowly and gracefully, with the aura of sudden violence still hanging in the air. “Good. Well, let’s begin then.” She crawled into Lee’s lap and swallowed down his meat with little effort, using her hands only to gain leverage to swallow more of his cock deeper into her throat. She arched her back as much as she could, and her perfect bubble butt was exposed fully to Gunnar’s face. He wasted no time in lapping at her lips like a cat laps up milk. He was surprised by his own eagerness, especially considering the pain in his shoulder. He nearly sucked her entire vagina into his mouth, then let it go. Once he had cleaned her sex of it’s moisture, he sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked it rapidly with his tongue. Shayl nearly gagged on Lee’s dick, not because of how far down her throat it was, but because of the ridiculously powerful sensations Gunnar was producing. She re-focused herself and sucked hard on Lee’s penis. She wanted to know everything about him by the pulse she felt with her tongue. She assaulted his cock-head with her lips and tongue. She felt impatient and she wanted to show her Coach how she wasn’t that scared little girl anymore. This whole situation had her so hot she wanted to make him cum harder than he ever had before.

For Lee’s part, she was succeeding. She had heard so much complaining form her female friends about how they hated to give head, but she did not share that sentiment. Maybe it was the guys they were with, maybe she was just some sort of sex-crazed freak; in the end it didn’t matter. It was her mouth and she’d put it where she wanted. The first blast was the greatest she would ever experience. Lee, being older, had hid the fact that he was going to come, and unloaded a bucket of sperm into her throat. She choked and pull back, putting her in perfect position for the facial Lee so badly wanted to give her. By, facial, he meant her face, hair, tits, and any other exposed skin he could cover. Lee was glad he kept himself in shape, his sperm count was as healthy as ever. Meanwhile, Gunnar felt her shudder as if she’d been electrocuted, and a wave of cum hit his face as hard as it had it Shayl’s. He struggled to swallow everything that came at him, but it was pointless. In the end, both Shaylbeigh and Gunnar looked spent, and Lee stood over them, shaking his head in disapproval.

“I’m 45 years old, and I outlasted two teenagers? That’s why you two have been sucking out there lately, you’re out of shape!” The two would have protested if they both weren’t ridiculously spent from their sexual exertion. “What do I always tell you two?”

Even in their erotic stupor, Shaylbeigh and Gunnar answered in unison “Push yourself hard, as hard as you can until you find your limit, then go further.” Lee smiled again “Well, I see you have been paying attention. Now I’m going to push you both harder than ever before, unless you want to give up and go home. You don’t look like you could handle another go round Shaylbeigh.” Now, if Shaylbeigh had one weakness, it was that she was easily bated. It was very easy to get her angry, and she took everything as a personal challenge. As tingly and warm as she felt now, she felt something even more motivating than the prospect of another orgasm; physically besting her coach.

“Do you think I’m done. I’ve exhausted your son, and you think you can do better? Come here!” Shayl got up and pushed Lee down on the couch… well more Lee allowed himself to be pushed down on the couch, given that he was approximately twice her size. She literally jumped on his lap and started to rotate her hands around his stubbornly hard cock. “You have always had a superior attitude Coach Lee, I’m going to love making you beg me for more, beg me for sex, scream MY name…” Lee congratulated himself, he was always able to get the best out of his charges. Shayl gingerly lowered herself onto his hardness, and gave more signs of her discomfort than she wanted to. Although Gunnar was by no means small, his Father was another animal, and he was hung like one. It took her a few minutes to adjust to his size, but once she did she started riding him with jackhammer like precision. Lee was taken aback. Even with all of her passion and ardor he didn’t think she had this in her, or in other words, that she had such a brutal fire to get him in her. As experienced as he was with women, there was something to be said for an impassioned fuck from a exceptionally beautiful and limber 18 year old that overloaded his calm and cool demeanor. She had gotten to him, and he began to thrust up into her with as much effort as she was fucking him with. He attempted to at least; he knew very quickly that this was not a fight he could win.

Gunnar started to feel a little bit left out of this. He recognized that his father and Shayl were having some sort of battle of wills, but he felt as slighted as she did. Gunnar suddenly had an idea about how to insinuate himself back into the festivities. He knew that there were some sports supplies up in the office, and fortunately enough for him there was a tube of the runner’s lube the skaters used to prevent chafing in one of the closets. He squeezed out a handful and coated his hard-on with it. Lust and sexual malice gleaming in his eyes, he slowly positioned himself behind Shayl. Lee saw what his son was up to and gave him a knowing nod. Lee put his hands on Shayl’s hips to slow down her pace, and when she had come down to something of a human pace Gunnar put the head of his cock to Shayl’s asshole. She froze as if someone had put a gun to her head. “Gunnar! What in the Hell do you think you’re doing! Surprise butt-sex is not a fun experience for anyone!”

Gunnar took the opportunity to gently push a couple of inches into her behind, at which point Shayl lost the ability to protest further. “You said that you could take both of us Shaylbeigh, you had to expect us to call you on that right?” Shayl knew she was in no position to protest too much, being between a cock and a hard place as she was. It didn’t feel too bad since Gunnar had the common decency to use lubrication, but she still knew that she would have to get back at both of them at some point in the near future. She leaned forward and rested her head on Lee’s chest. Gunner pushed the rest of himself inside of Shayl, resolving to cut his Dad off at the pass. He grabbed big handfuls of her bountiful ass and began to chug away just as Lee did the same. It took a mere 5 minutes for Shayl to start reciting every word of the French language as she was overcome with vehement ecstasy. As glamorous as it is for people to say they fucked all night and every day, this threesome was far too turned on to last for very long. Shayl was the first to succumb, ripping long furrows into Lee’s back as she came the hardest she ever had to this point in her life. She flooded his lap with her juices, and slumped over, nearly unconscious. Lee came right behind her, lifting her lithe form up and cascading his own cum across her stomach. Having seen that the rest of his competition had given in, Gunnar finally released himself the length of Shayl’s back and ass. He even managed to get some in her hair, which secretly gave him an insurmountable amount of joy. Shayl was obsessive about her hair, and though he wasn’t normally the vindictive type, he always wanted to mess up her hair, just once.

He rolled off of them and collapsed on the couch, satisfied that he had, in his mind, showed himself to be the equal of both his partner and his own father. He never really noticed how insecure he had been about those two subjects until this exact moment, but with Shaylbeigh’s pussy still fresh on his tongue, now was not the time to obsess over such matters. Shaylbeigh had fallen straight asleep on Lee’s chest. He put her down lengthwise on the couch and covered her with her robe. “So Gunnar, do you think this has been a positive learning experience for everyone?”

“I have learned a hell of a lot Dad. As for Shayl, I think she has learned the lesson of a lifetime. Our performances should be much better now.” Gunnar stretched out and decided that he might catch a quick nap as well. “Go ahead home dad, I think we’ll be fine now.” Lee looked at his charges, who in one night pole-vaulted themselves into adulthood. He was proud of them, and managed to get a great lay out of the experience as well. He put his pants on and said “I knew you would boy. You and my little angel there will be perfectly fine. Just remember, keep pushing each other, and never stop practicing!”