Friday, September 10, 2010

Same Old Song

The basslines of Lysa's Spotify playlist reverberated through her spacious apartment. She didn't care if it irritated her neighbors or not. They could never bring themselves to complain, at least not once they confronted her face-to-face. Lysa absolutely loved her eyes and in this way she was just like everyone else she had come across in her life. Her eyes were large and golden-honey brown. A love-struck ex once described them as being doe-like. He never noticed that something sinister lurked behind that innocent deer facade. Her predatory ferocity went largely unnoticed particularly by her neighbors. Bouncing around her room to Britney Spears “Me Against the Music,” she looked through her massive closet for a suitable dress for the evening’s activities.

“The problem”, she thought, “is that I have absolutely no diversity in my clothes. Everything shows way too much skin, no modesty at all.” Lysa dived into her closet and emerged wearing an obscenely low-cut Armand Basi white silk cami, and her tightest Alex Wang jeans. She danced a few laps around her bed, periodically stopping in front of her gigantic mirror. “Yes, yes this will do nicely. I am at least modest from the waste down. Although with an ass like this I can only be so modest.” She giggled like a schoolgirl and went back to tending to her eyelashes, Black Cherry mascara. “Hm. If these were any longer they would push my glasses right off the end of my nose. I suppose I should be happy though, most women would kill for my eyes. And they would be right to.”

The song changed and Ciara's “Ride” began to play. Naughty thoughts stirred in her mind and Lysa decided she had played enough; it was time for shoes. “But what shoes... I want to look killer tonight...” She went back into her closet like a bloodhound after a fox. “Now where are my leather-strappy-wedgie-ah! There you are, my Luscious Louboutin Mary Janes!” She gracefully wound her body so that her legs were high in the air as she lay on her plush bed, admiring how the expensive sandals accentuated her freshly pedicured Forbidden Colored toes. “Wine for dinner was a good choice”, she muttered to herself. She rubbed her legs over each other in the air, admiring her curves, nearly hypnotizing herself. A loud knock at the door shook her from her revelry. Turning the music off, she ran for the door.

“Oh hi Dory, you brought Lyam!” Lysa lunged for her 9 year old nephew and gave him a bear hug that would have killed someone with fully formed bones. Lyam squirmed until he was released from her grasp, gracefully accepting the multiple kisses from his aunt. He was used to such affection, especially since he favored his aunt far more than his actual mother. When the three of them went out in public people usually assumed Lyam was Lysa's son. He took after her far more than his own mother. Even at the tender age of 9 he commanded the attention of the opposite sex as easily as he commanded the characters in his video games. He didn't quite know what the attention was for, but it did not escape him that having people do whatever he wanted was a useful skill to have. His powers derived from the same place that his aunt's did. “Hello sis, I am so happy you let us use your apartment tonight. You-know-who is off the wagon again and we can't stay there. This is the only chance we get to have a good night's sleep sometimes. You're a lifesaver Lysa.”

“Don't worry Dory, that guy is going to get what's coming to him very soon, you just wait. Karma is a B you know?

Doryn set their bags down and picked up Lyam, “Twenty-seven years now, and I still have to be rescued by my big sis.” Lysa took their bags to her guest bedroom and made sure everything was set for her most welcomed guests to spend the night. “When I'm 90 and you’re 87, if you still need me you had better come to me for help. That is what big sisters are for isn't it? Tomorrow we'll go swimming, that always cheers both of us up and it's been way too long.” Lysa knew that life was hard for her sister. The “stunning” gene seemed to skip her. Oh Doryn was pretty enough, but she didn't have the “it” factor that Lyam and she had. Society made it painfully clear to Doryn that she was a second-class citizen in her own family and would not let her forget it. Lysa did her best to make sure that Doryn felt loved, but whenever they went out together more often than not Lysa was the main attraction and Doryn was the sideshow.

“Yeah it's a crime that we've gone so long without being in the water. So where are you off to tonight? I see you wearing the hell outta those Louboutins. That usually means you're on the hunt.” She gave her sister the smile they both understood meant naked time was in the near future. Lyam was already in his pajamas in bed playing his PSP, completely unconcerned about the woman’s conversation. “Maybe so sis.. I'll let you know when I get back. Just for the record, if I was to want a G-Bang would tonight be a bad night-oof!” Doryn hit Lysa with a pillow before she could finish her statement. “I'll take that as a no. G'night Dory, GOOD NIGHT LYAM!!!” Lyam barely acknowledged his aunt with a nod of his head.

After quickly snatching up her Valentino clutch bag, Lysa breezed out the door. Once she was clear of her family her thoughts turned to the matter at hand. She was acutely aware of her body, the confidence of her stride, the sway of her hips, the gravity-defying bounce of her breasts, the silk-satin of her halter lazily drifting across her nipples and, of course, her eyes. Yes she was a sexual force of nature, and she almost felt sorry for the rest of the world. Almost.


The Melody was the kind of place she loved to frequent. It had an unpretentious charm that appealed to a varied clientele. A heady acid jazz groove moved the crowd in an easy manner. People of every race and color mingled languidly thanks to cheap drinks and tight clothes. Lysa slid up to her usual spot at the bar, where a tall glass of Grey Goose awaited her. Her favorite bartender, Cube, always worked this night and he never failed to set her up with her favorite drinks. It was a mutual arrangement as she never failed to set him up with his favorite men. Lysa's eyes weren't just stunning to straight men, she was just as alluring to gay men, and she served as the ultimate wing-bitch for Cube when they went out man-hunting. Not that Cube needed too much help himself; he was a 6' 2” cut of muscular Hispanic Grade A beef himself, but it never hurt to have an icebreaker like Lysa around. “Oye mija, how are you? I have your drink ready, and there are plenty of hotties here tonight for the both of us.”

“When do you actually work Cube? It seems like half the night you're gossiping with me, and the other half you're scouting out new ass.”
“Look, my father had four jobs when he came to this country, multitasking is in a Dominican's blood. I can handle a little flirting on the job. As for you, you had better get upstairs; the karaoke started an hour ago and you know people get restless if you don't show.”

“I know, I know. My public awaits.” Lysa gave Cube one of her legitimately friendly smiles. She had an array of voracious and intimidating smiles, but she saved her real smiles for the few true friends she had in the world. She headed towards the stairs, and several men (and some women) followed her just to watch her walk upstairs in those jeans. Rob the karaoke DJ immediately recognized her and put her at the head of the list. An excited murmur rippled through the crowd when the regulars saw her appear. If Lysa's eyes hit like lightning, then her voice was the accompanying thunder. Her voice caught the hearts and minds of her audience like a bullwhip; rattlesnake -fast and just as deadly. She had already made up her mind as to what song she wanted to sing. Even in a crowded and noisy place like the second floor of the Melody, she did not need to raise her voice to be heard. When the group of drunken secretaries onstage finished their rousing rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Rob ushered them off as quickly as possible. “We have a special treat for everyone tonight! A local favorite is here and she's gonna sing 'Anytime, Anyplace' by Janet Jackson.”

A wave of anticipatory electricity jolted the room. It was a slow song, and so overtly sexual that six notes in, she had the entire room in a tizzy. The song snaked through the crowd like a surreptitious phantom, winding its way into the hearts and genitals of everyone present.

“Skirt around my waist, Wall against my face, I can feel your lips...
I don't wanna stop just because, People walkin by are watchin us
I don't give a damn what they think, I want you now...”

With all due respect, even Miss Jackson couldn't capture the collective libido of her audience the way Lysa did. Her hips were a metronome, and like a snake-charmer had the men (and some women) in the audience completely under her control. Lysa often wondered at times like this if she could get the audience to throw her their wallets. She was sorely tempted to try, but knew that would be too blatant a display of power, even for her. She contented herself to cut men's hearts out with her stiletto heels and generate enough murderous envy in the hearts of her rivals to power Las Vegas for a year. She imagined what it would be like to be with the various men and women in the audience, sizing up their sexual potential with a quick expert glance. She knew that you could read a book by its cover, if you knew what to look for. If this was the Serengeti, she was the Head Lioness In Charge, and they were all her dinner.

“Dancin on the floor, Feeling the slow groove
My mind is starting to burn, with forbidden thoughts Strangers all around, with the light down low
I was thinkin maybe we know...”

Those in the audience who were with their significant others tore themselves away from her performance to start to satiate their intense arousal. Here and there couples of every type slipped to the edge of the dance floor and started what can only be described as foreplay. Some did it right there in the middle of the floor, which Lysa particularly enjoyed. It turned her on when she made people so horny that they started to near-fuck right there in public. Suddenly she noticed something familiar about one of the couples on the floor; the man. Yes, she recognized that guy, it was her brother-in-law! He was with someone who was obviously not Doryn, and whom Lysa could at best call a butter-faced girl. She was nowhere near as attractive as her sister. A rage arose in her that was born in the fires of ancient Gods and Demons. From that moment on she made the rest of the song about him, her brother-in-law Jason. He definitely took notice, it was near impossible not to notice when Lysa focused her attention on you. He literally forgot that Miss Butter-face even existed, and started moving towards the stage mid-kiss. Later, he would have a vague recollection of another woman at the bar that night who was related to a drink that was spilled on him, but he'd be damned if he could remember any other details. All he could remember was Lysa fixing The Eyes on him.
She finished the song, singing the last lyrics “Anytime, anyplace, I don't care who's around” directly into his hypothalamus. Jason would never be that erect again. When Lysa stopped singing, the spell was broken and everyone suddenly noticed that they were half naked or kissing a stranger or desperately attempting to make a break for the bathroom. She strutted off the stage to thunderous applause knowing he would fall in step behind her. She made her way to one of the couches in the back, the crowd instantly parting for her. She sat down with her back to Jason, and felt him fall into the seat next to her. Men, she noticed, lost all hand-eye coordination when they were seriously horny.
“So”, she started, “I guess you liked my performance.” Jason nodded his assent, then noticed that she hadn't actually looked at him yet. If he were in a better state of mind, he may have wondered how she knew he was there and how she was able to talk to him over the caterwauling of “Don't Stop Believin”. But he was definitely not thinking with the head on his shoulders at this point.

“Yeah, yeah I loved it, you're a beautiful singer. I mean you've got, like, an awesome voice! You should be on American Idol or something!”
Lysa laughed, “no, no, that would be far too dangerous for me and for Randy probably...” She turned around and gave him the full onslaught of her gaze. Jason's heart nearly stopped. “Look, this place is loud and these people are terrible singers, is there anyplace quieter we can go to?”

“Um, well, my, uh, roommate is staying at his, uh, sister's tonight, so we can go back to my place. Man you look so familiar.” Lysa knew good and damned well that her sister's house was full of pictures of her and their family. Not only was this guy cheating on her sister, and not too particular about with whom, he obviously thought Lysa was stupid enough to not notice. She was not going to go easy on him.

“When I was up there I was only thinking of you and being with you. I really don't care where we do it, but I've always had a fantasy about meeting a stranger and going to the Hilton... Can we go there?” She knew that the Hilton was way out of his price range, and was delighted that he would put himself into debt for her. “Yeah, sure anything you want. Man you look so familiar; I swear I've seen you somewhere before... recently.” Lysa gave him the eyes and said “look Jason, I'm sure if I had met you before, you would remember, wouldn't you?” Jason leaned back and closed his eyes, but he could still see hers. “Yeah... yeah I guess you're right.” A fog had enveloped his mind as surely as his imagination pictured her lips enveloping his dick. Somewhere in the murky recesses of his mind, indistinct but frantic warnings screamed at him, urging him to do anything but what he was about to do. Questions like “how does she know my name” and “why does she look so familiar” meandered in and out of his consciousness, until Lysa's voice wiped them all away.
“Baby, please say yes. Take me now and you can have me, all of me, for as long as you can stand me.” That's all he needed to hear. The last of his reservations gone, Jason grabbed Lysa and his keys, and made a beeline for the Hilton in midtown. After putting one of their cheapest rooms on his credit card, they headed for the elevators. Jason had made up his mind to ignore his reservations as he was about to score with the hottest chick he had ever landed, and wasn't about to let some very valid and relevant questions stop him. Lysa pretended to be impressed, but she knew good and damn well he was low-balling her. It was alright though, that wasn't the point of tonight. Revenge was.


They kissed like they had just discovered the concept in the elevator up to the room. Once inside she told him to go wait by the bed while she took her shoes off and gently placed them next to the door. She then stood up straight and said “Baby, could you do one thing for me?” Jason was sitting on the edge of the bed, hurriedly undressing. “Huh? Yeah bae, sure, anything you want!”
“Invite me into your bed.”
“Invite me into your bed. Indulge me. Say, 'I invite you into my bed', please?” Jason looked perplexed, but said, “I invite you into my bed? I mean it isn't technically my bed because we're in a hotel but-” Lysa roared and leapt from the door to the bed in one pounce. She ripped his shirt off and covered his neck and chest in fiery hot kisses. It was all Jason could do to hold on for dear life. Everywhere she kissed him was warm to the touch, and extra sensitive. She sucked on his nipples then went back to his neck. He moaned loudly and tried to remove her clothes but Lysa was moving too fast for him to unhook her bra. She sat up astride his tenting underwear and pulled her blouse up over her head. Her black La Perla bra soon followed, allowing Jason to feast his eyes on her perfect C cups, her nipples announcing themselves obscenely. She went back to attacking his torso, with the added bonus that now her nipples dragged up and down his chest. He grew so hard that she actually had to move out of the way of his raging erection.

“Damn” she thought “Now I see why Dory puts up with all the shit you put her through. You've got a really big cock.” “Can I suck it?” she growled.
“That has got to be the stupidest question anyone has ever asked anyone else” he responded.

Given the circumstances, Lysa had to give him that one. She ripped his underwear in half and throated his entire shaft in one gulp. Jason came immediately. The song from before coupled with her ravishing his body had him on the edge of ecstasy for some time now. She swallowed his cum easily as it went straight into the back of her throat. She was afraid that he was going to pass out the way he was hyperventilating. She slowly dragged her fingernails up and down his chest, ever so lightly; she knew by this time that he was one big raw nerve.

“You okay baby” she purred. “I know you're not done. I know you've got more for me, don't you?” It didn't matter what his response was, Jason had never been less in control of a situation as he was right now. From the moment he looked into her eyes, she had him and he knew it. He just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Normally after coming the way he just had he would have to take a nap akin to a coma, but now he didn't falter for a minute. If anything he was more painfully hard than before. Her gently clawing nails just egged on his arousal. “Please... please, please fuck me, ride my cock bae, I need it, please... put it in you...”

His begging was pathetic, but music to her ears. He was broken, and there was only one thing left to do. She raised herself up, juices dripping onto his prick the whole time, and in a tortuously slow pace, lowered herself onto him until her clit was tickled by his hair. This, this one moment, when she was fulfilled by an engorged shaft, this is what she lived for, everything in between these brief slices of life were just prelude to another sexual crescendo. She internally massaged him, bringing herself to a small climax without ever moving externally. She briefly cried out, hurting Jason ears. “Go easy with that bae, I'm a lot of man to handle.”

Lysa looked down on the smug, smirking jerk that she was fucking, and remembered why she was there. She dug her nails into his chest and got up on her toes, almost in a feral all-fours position. He was so long she had to do that to raise herself high enough to fuck him. She pulled halfway out, and then slowly worked him back inside her. She had to admit that it felt heavenly, but she had a job to do. She repeated this action, the room filling with their sex noises. Her pussy was a torrent of juices, sucking his cock into her and holding onto it for dear life. His cock was steel, penetrating her despite the close quarters, and leaving reluctantly, only to force its way inside once again. Once she was sure of how much of him she could take, she bared down and rode him, her beautiful ass flying up and down to the point where it was almost a blur. Jason could not form many coherent thoughts, but one he did have was that this must have been what it felt like for women to use a vibrator.

He wanted to grab her, but he couldn't find a part of her that wasn't operating like a well oiled machine. He was also afraid that he would somehow disrupt her and that she would stop. He would rather die than stop her from fucking him. Finally he decided to grab her perfect breasts; it seemed like the safest and most enjoyable place for his hands to be. She looked beautiful, otherworldly, ephemeral, and several other words that weren't quite small enough for Jason to actually know. All he knew was that he didn't want this to stop... or did he?

Lysa threw her head back and her black hair fell around her. She was now nearly jumping up and down on Jason’s rod, but showed no signs of slowing down. Her pussy grew warm, then hot, as she moaned long and low, a song that Jason had never heard, but loved just the same. He started to feel like he was going to do more than just come; he felt as if he would literally bust a nut. All of those metaphors for arousal felt real to him; his balls boiled, and his cock felt as it would blow semen straight through her. That was when he started to feel scared. He couldn't stop her and his body was clearly reaching it pleasure-limits. Lysa felt all of Jason's energy building in his cock as she pushed herself harder. She was ready to take what was hers.

“Ohhh, oooh, I'm coming!” Jason looked almost relieved. He did not know how much longer he could take the strain the enormous sexual pleasure was putting on his body. “Look at me Jason” she said “do I look familiar?” Jason wondered what the hell she was talking about as Lysa lifted the fog from his mind. Suddenly her face was right against his, her eyes a chaotic storm of swirling colors, a storm of madness. He was very quickly very, very, frightened. “I should look familiar to you; you've seen my picture lots of times. In your own house, shithead.”

His mind zeroed in on the stairwell to his house that was lined with his wife’s family, and the pictures... the pictures of her and her sister. Suddenly the eyes looked all too familiar... The memos that his subconscious had been faxing him all night suddenly became clear and legible, she's your sister-in-law!


Lysa fucked him harder. Jason felt like lava was dripping from her pussy it was so hot, and his own body similarly felt like he had eaten the sun earlier in the day. “Yes, I am Lysa. You've been fucking my sister over ever since you met her, so I am just making things even.” She slowed down so that she could perform her finishing move. Grinding her pelvis against the underside of his cock, she rocked hard but low. Lysa screamed her release and all of the glass in the room, including the windows, cracked. As she came down, Jason unleashed every bit of life he had in him. With the pressure of a bursting dam, he came, all the sperm he had ever created rushing into Lysa. Jason was really afraid now, this feeling was too good and too intense. He felt like his soul was leaving his body which was ironic as this was exactly what was happening. As he laid there, mouth agape, Lysa kissed him, taking his breath away. An effervescent bright white cloud streamed from his mouth into hers. She greedily swallowed his essence the same way she had swallowed his come earlier. As she pulled away the last bits of what made Jason Jason left his body and drifted away forever between her lips.

When she was able to compose herself she opened her eyes and they were normal again; as normal as her eyes could be. The demonic presence that was there a second ago had retreated to whatever inner den it came from. She dislodged herself from the rapidly deflating body of Jason, and sat next to him, legs crossed, calm as can be.

“You're probably wondering what just happened. Don't worry, it is a common question amongst my victims; I should write a FAQ. See, I'm a Succubus; a Siren actually, which just means that I'm a Succubus that likes water. You fell under my spell the second you heard my song back at the bar. I've drained you of your life-force, or your soul in layman's terms. The only reason I am telling you all of this is that the body cannot exist without the soul. Jason eyes lolled about in his head. He gave his body commands that were soundly ignored. He felt himself slipping into a deep, black slumber.

“You'll be long dead before the morning, and my sister will be free of you forever. But don't worry, me and Dory are more than capable of raising Lyam by ourselves. And I’ll be sure to say something nice at your funeral. Lyam will never have to know what a lying piece of shit his father is… er, was.” Lysa dressed herself and bent over to look into what little consciousness remained in Jason eyes “I would say never fuck around on your wife again, but, as I just said, you aren't going to get another chance to hurt my sister.” She re-applied her lipstick and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Bon nuit Jason, your soul was delicious. A little rotten but still satisfying. She slipped her shoes on and slammed the door behind her.


She tried to open her door as quietly as she could, but found that it was all for naught as her nephew was still awake. It was 4AM and he was still playing one of his video games in the living room. His mother was asleep on the pull-out bed, sleeping the sleep of someone who had not had a peaceful rest in some time. The noise of the video game was far from enough to rouse her. Lysa went and sat next to her nephew. She knew that sometime tomorrow they would find Doryn's husband's cold body, and she would have to pretend to be surprised and help Doryn through the grieving process. She didn’t like to lie to her sister but it was one of the things a big sister had to do to protect a little sister. Besides, it was just one of many secrets Lysa kept from Doryn. It suddenly occurred to her that Jason made most of the money in their family, and that killing him without checking out his life insurance policy may have been a rash decision. “One of these day's I'm going to have to learn to think before I act. Oh well, I’ll deal with that tomorrow” she thought. It wouldn’t be a real problem; Lysa was an adept liar, cheater, con-girl and thief. Money would come one way or another. Right now her sister is better off without him, and for better or worse they still had Lyam.

“Hey kiddo, don't you ever sleep?”

“I was waiting for you to get home. I’ll sleep now.” He put his PSP away and jumped into bed with his mother. Lysa crouched down and looked into his large eyes, which were just now catching some of the hallway light. Even in such low light they sparkled, an amazing array of chaotic, swirling colors lit up his face.

“You're gonna have to take care of your mother from now on, okay? You may not see your Daddy for a very long time.” He sleepily nodded his head and curled up closer to his mother. Lysa crawled into the bed as well, with Lyam in between them she felt sleep come for her as well. She pulled the blanket over the three of them and reveled in the warmth of the only two people on Earth she felt real love for.

Even from her admittedly unique perspective she had to confess that her nephew was an incredibly handsome child, and that he was only going to get better looking as he grew up. “You are going to be a real lady killer one day you know that Lyam? A real lady killer.”