Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fish in a Barrel

There was a time… I’m sure… when some of this would have repulsed me.

No, all of it.

There was definitely a time when all of this, everything I have done, and will do on this night would have turned my stomach, caused it to reject all of its contents out upon the Earth, and leave me hunched over as if someone had punched me as hard as possible in the abdomen. That time, obviously has passed.

It passed a very long time ago, even by my standards. It has been 500 years since I can remember feeling an emotion other than hunger, or rage, or fear… or lust. But the lust is different now.

“Magistra, are you done with them yet? Your Tyro is almost there and I feel lonely…”

The woman on the bed, her name is Naomi. I am currently caressing her rapidly dying boyfriend’s cock, milking it of its life as I milk him of his. I met Naomi and Matt early the previous night, on the beaches in Los Angeles. I loved LA, as the song goes, because it was so, so easy to feed. People were so trusting, so hungry, and so needy; Everyone. Needing. Constantly. Every soul in LA desperately seeks something or someone to get them above the level of normal reality, to separate them from Everyone Else. It truly is the land of dreams and what better place for a nightmare to live than that? Offer people what they want and they are yours. This particular couple wanted me. I saw the lust in their eyes immediately. To most hunters it would be a wet dream for their prey to willingly present themselves for killing. Even the best fishermen have long droughts and if, one day, two large trout threw themselves into his boat that man would be quite surprised. For me, however, this was just another day.
I can hardy blame them though. 770 years of existence had taught me a trick or two about how to put on a good show. My ebony hair never crept above my shoulders in all that time, and it always stayed thick and black as an oil spill. One of the things I love about modern times is language. There are so many words for everything. For instance, my skin tone, I found out, is a beautiful shade of “Espresso”, which is just another term for dark brown. It stays eternally flawless, as do my ridiculously long legs. I learned quickly enough that curves catch everyone’s eyes, so I made sure that my dark espresso cleavage was on display at all times. Also, whether skirt, dress, or pants, my behind was a traffic stopper no matter what I wore. I can say honestly and with no ego that I am irresistible. I certainly was to Naomi and Matt.
They came to my table as I gazed out over Venice Beach at a boardwalk cafe. I sensed them coming but I didn’t feel they were a threat so I ignored them. They were quite drunk and sat down at my table uninvited. Some other day I would have thrashed them for the insult, but I was feeling generous, so I suffered their company. Naomi was a 20-something underachieving college student wearing a sundress that showed too much skin and a personality that showed too little intelligence. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and I could taste and smell it from across the table. She had dirty blond haired that fell haphazardly about her shoulders, and hazel eyes that grew dark in the sunlight. She reminded me of the hippie girls I used to eat by the handful in the 1960's. From her head down to her cute little feet she was delicious; suddenly I was interested in this random couple who had flitted into my life.
Matt was decidedly less interesting; he had definitely outdone himself in the girlfriend department. He was plain in all ways; basic haircut, oily skin, glasses and rudimentary khaki pants. He was an absolute bore to behold and could have been mistaken for a million other white guys, interchangeable and nameless. He did have one thing I wanted though, a healthy, strong, beating human heart. I could hear it as I closed my eyes and let his pulse echo through my ears, through my head, down through my soul. The life-pulse of humanity… it was everything, the only thing that I really craved anymore. He was alive, and linked to the universal life-pulse, and that was good enough for me.

“So, where do you kids want to meet up tomorrow night?”

I didn’t want to finish them off that night… I, like most cats, like to play with my food. I spent the rest of the night showing them around Los Angeles. I watched them eat, run, make out with each other and random other men and women… they really had a lust for life. I was lucky; all of that life they were living would soon be mine. By 4:30 they were both eating out of my hand, and I took the opportunity to eat out of theirs. I pulled them into a dark alley and we all began kissing; who kissed who was really unimportant. I took turns taking light sips from their wrists just to see if they were worth the small bit of effort I had put into them so far.

“Mmmmm Cassandra…” Naomi moaned.

“Oh God Cassandra…” Matt gasped.

I had been brought up to not speak when I had food in my mouth. I reluctantly let go of Matt’s wrist and closed the two large round holes I left on him with my powers. Mustn’t leave tracks, that is the first thing any novice is taught. They wanted me, wanted more of me, and I surely wanted every bit of them there was to be had… but, damned summer, the sky was already growing lighter. I had to get back to my home before even the slightest rays of the sun crept over the Pacific. As old as I am, the sun is worse for me than for some of the youngest amongst us. I hurriedly scribbled down the address to the W Hotel in Westwood on Naomi’s arm and told them to meet me there at 9 o clock tomorrow night. There would be a room waiting for them there under their name. They wanted to meet me earlier but I explained that I would, of course, be unavailable. I watched them stumble away, arm in arm, obviously in love, obviously living life the way it was meant to be lived.

There was a time… I’m sure… when this would have moved me.

No I am sure of it. There definitely was a time when seeing a couple like this would have made my heart skip a beat, when true love moved me to a place where I was inspired to create. To draw to paint, to sing; when true love and the vibrancy of positive human emotions made me want to create things to celebrate those emotions. Again, that time has passed, eaten away by the decades of trying to live a few more decades. Here in a foreign land far from where I was created and even farther from where I was born, as I watched these two happy infantile lovers with the entire world before them, all I felt was a white-hot blood-lust… hunger. Bright as the sun and twice as old… Hunger. It was all I needed anymore.

I woke up bright and early the next night around 830. Contrary to what you may have heard, I sleep on a pillow top California King mattress. Coffins are for ghouls, and though I would like to say that it is a completely a myth that my kind sleep in coffins… some do. I am proud to say that they are far removed from my bloodline, and I have as little to do with those types as possible. I, no matter what century it is, have always had class. I looked in the mirror at my naked body. I was holding up well for a woman my age, especially considering how long I’d been dead now. My race… my human race… has been called many, many names over the centuries, but now in this land we are mostly known as “Black”. It's a designation I rather like. It is among the least offensive names we have had, and to be honest it is the shortest. Above all else, I value simplicity, and it is a most simple moniker. As a Black woman in the 21st century, I find that I have more power in the mortal world now than I have ever had before. Amongst my new race, however, there are still those who hold old prejudices about both women and minorities, and I am often forced to put such fools in their place.
Who am I kidding… no one forces me… I rather enjoy it. I love when people underestimate me. It makes the look of fear, panic, and desperation on their face before I kill them all the more authentic and genuine. I don’t remember when I started to like killing. It is one of those things that came on gradually, like puberty, but seemed sudden and awful at the time... like puberty. I have vague memories of being shocked at my actions, at feeling guilt, remorse… anger. But as I said, those memories are vague. Most memories of my emotions back then are just that; memories. No more sentiment or emotion is attached to them than one attaches to the act of brushing their teeth in the morning. It is simply something you do.
I showered and dressed on autopilot, my mind taken with a thousand other subjects. “You’ve been drifting off a lot Cassy. You must be mindful of your surroundings”, I said aloud. Thankfully in my revelry, I had managed to dress myself appropriately. Even without paying attention, I still have style. I guided my baby-blue CL 500 out of my driveway and pointed it towards tonight’s dinner. I drove towards downtown and drifted off again. I had been driving for as long as there had been horseless carriages, I needed only a fraction of my concentration to do so. The stars often catch my attention; my kind trade betray the Sun for the eternal company of every other star in the night sky. Seems fair, I suppose.
I shook my head again and looked up. I was at the W. “You really must pay more attention Cassy, you do have enemies.” Just to re-assure myself, I unlocked my glove compartment to check that my pets were where I left them. My black Desert Eagles were safe and snug. I leave them there; the dress I picked for this evening left little room to conceal two gigantic handguns. Besides, I should be safe enough. I’m not the one being hunted tonight.

“I can’t wait! She should be here soon! Can you believe this room?” Naomi bounced on the bed once again. She and Matt had already started their party. They had saved all summer for this vacation, and it felt good to get away from Buffalo for a while. Matt labored away on his laptop while Naomi jumped up and down in her underwear.
“I’ve haven't had a connection this good since we left home. This place is awesome!”
“Will you get off of that thing? She’s gonna be here any minute! This is gonna be wicked intense! I don’t think either of us can handle her." Naomi put her feet up and landed with a soft thud on her back. Her eyes rolled dreamily into her head imagining the pleasure she would feel tonight.
“Maybe you, but I’m a stallion! I can go on for days and days!” Matt closed his laptop and looked at his girlfriend. He wondered what she saw in him, as she was so beautiful and he was not. But she loved him, he knew that much, and that was good enough. He climbed on top of her, wearing only his boxers… he was eager to start the festivities, as evidenced by his rapidly tenting shorts.
“I’m disappointed. You started without me.”
Naomi and Matt nearly jumped out of their skin. Not only had they not heard the door unlock and open, they did not hear Cassandra enter, close said door, and walk right up to the bed. Matt was also fairly certain that he had put the latch lock on the door. Either way there she was in all of her glory. Cassandra looked down on her two young lovers with an expression that hovered somewhere between motherly and predatory. Matt lay on his back, still slightly stunned by her sudden appearance, but quickly stopped caring as he drank in the sight of the night’s entertainment. Naomi pushed herself up on her shoulders and immediately felt herself getting aroused. It was as if her engine had been idling until Cassandra appeared, and now she was red-lining. Her nipples produced the same effect on her thin t-shirt as Matt’s penis produced on his boxers. Cassie wore a simple electric blue spaghetti strap dress that came down to mid thigh. It hugged her generous curves as if it were made for them, which it was. She wore 4 inch white D&G heels, with a matching small white Coach bag. The one lamp illuminating the room glinted off of the pearls around her neck, and her even whiter teeth. The couple on the bed were too enamored with their hunter’s body to notice Cassandra’s erections; her fully extended fangs.
“So, do you like? I wanted to look nice for you two.”
Matt was speechless, so Naomi offered “that dress is amaze-balls! I could never look that good in anything like it!” If I have any weakness, I am very susceptible to flattery. “Oh this? It' just an old Cavalli I had laying around. It's nothing really. Now you two, you two look positively delicious.” She slipped out of her dress and stood before them in nothing more than her white bra, panties, garter belt and heels. And of course, her pearls. Cassandra believed that no tasteful ensemble is complete without a pearl necklace.
Matt nearly fell off of the bed. Naomi responded in a slightly less Vaudevillian manner. She hopped down from the bed and crawled over to Cassandra like a cat in heat. She crept around her legs, allowing her silky smooth body to come in contact with Cassie's equally smooth legs. Cassandra obliged the mood that dinner was in, and scratched her lightly behind her ears, eliciting a pleasant purr from Naomi. Cassandra lay down on the king-sized bed, and somehow she seemed to sprawl across most of it. At 6 feet even, there always seemed to be more of her to explore. Matt busied himself with exploring the seemingly endless valley between her breasts, while Naomi kissed her way up Cassandra's seemingly endless legs. She unhooked her garters and peeled down the knee-high hose that Cassandra wore, all the while admiring the intricately embroidered Cobras that started on each thigh and wound their way down around her muscular calves to her immaculately pedicured feet. Cassandra opened her bra from the front and let the lacy white E cups fall to her sides. Matt attacked her nipples as soon as they were bared, going back and forth as if he couldn't decide where he wanted to be. The more worked up he got the faster his pulse raced, and the faster his pulse raced the more Cassandra got worked up.
“You too wouldn't mind if a friend of mine joined us would you? She's kind of young and naive, but she's very sexy and incredibly willing to please. What do you say?”
Matt and Naomi thought about it for less than a second. “YES!”

In the lobby of the W sat a very demure looking young Black woman, dressed in a coral and white embroidered Swing dress straight out of the 1950's. She wore matching 4 inch white Penthouse Pumps, and a large white Orchid in her hair. This would look rather out of the ordinary anyplace but LA. She was far from the strangest looking person to come through the lobby that evening. She was the most unusual though. She sat with her legs and feet together, and her hands neatly folded in her lap atop her matching white purse. She avoided the gaze of everyone who passed, nervously staring at her reflection in her shiny patent leather shoes. She worried that she had put on too much makeup, as her lips glowed fire engine red. She had her hair done the night before, yet she fussed with it constantly; she was happy that the orchid was fresh, she nearly killed someone to ensure that. She smelled of jasmine, but not too much. At least she hoped that it wasn't too much. She wore the heels to make herself taller, she hated how her master towered over her petite 5'3” frame. She hated how her bosom and rear end obscenely jutted out from her body. Everything about her body was dirty, no matter how much she tried to pretty herself up. She knew by the way men looked at her that no matter how she covered herself she couldn't hide her her dirty, worthless self. She clutched her bag tighter and sighed.
“Tyro, are you ready?”
“Yes Magistra!”
“It's time. Come to the usual room.”

Cassandra grabbed Matt around the waist, picked him up, and placed him in a “69” position above her. His erection hovered above her face, and she immediately took it into her mouth. Cassandra loved giving head; it was a delicious appetizer before the main course. The blood was so tantalizingly close to the surface, but not quite there yet. Matt didn't know he was getting a blowjob from a woman with over six hundred years of experience, but if someone had told him so at that moment, he wouldn't have been surprised. He was on the verge of coming almost before she even began. Naomi had busied herself between Cassandra's legs, lazily lapping away at her labia, running her nails up and down her powerful, toned belly. In one surprisingly agile motion Cassy clutched onto the couple and rolled them both over so that she was now astride both their forms.
“You're really strong” Matt gasped.
“And really nimble. Like a cat!” Naomi chimed in, giggling.
“More like a Snake actually. Boy and girl, I would like you to meet Eloise, my subordinate.”
Eloise slowly emerged from behind Cassandra. Like before, Matt and Naomi neither heard nor saw anyone enter the room, but clearly there was another person with them. She was quite a bit smaller than Cassandra, but somehow she seemed even curvier. Her beauty was so self-consciously sexual yet overtly innocent it contrasted mightily from Cassandra's overt sexuality and aggressive seductiveness.
Matt sat up, “She's beautiful Cassandra. I mean, you're beautiful... My name is Matt.” Naomi had scooted up the bed so that she could fully take in what was going on. The sight of the two beautiful African-American women, she thought, was almost too much for her. “Cassandra, I want her, can I have her? God she's making me so fucking horny just standing there. Eloise, I'm Naomi, please come here and let me fuck you.” Matt glanced at Naomi; he had never heard her talk like that before. This was definitely bringing out a different side out of her, a side he very much approved of.
“Hello Matt, hello Naomi, it's nice ta meet y'all.”
Cassandra observed the way Matt and Naomi ogled Eloise. “Eloise, what did I tell you about making friends with dinner?” Cassandra's tone struck everyone in the room with more fear than the sternest Nun's presence could conjure. “I'm sorry Magistra, I forgot. I just...”
“You. Just. What.” Eloise fell silent and looked at the ground. “Good. Now. Which one do you want?” Eloise got to her knees, never looking up, “whichever one my Magistra prefers I have. If my Magistra prefers I not eat, then I shall go hungry. I exist at my Magistra's whim.”
“Good answer.” Cassandra looked over at Matt and Naomi, who were playing with each other. The dominance/submission play apparently aroused them even more, and they started a new party without her. “No matter”, Cassandra thought, “the more adrenaline the better.” Cassandra slithered between the two and offered each of them a generous portion of her bust to play with. “Stand up and open your eyes, Eloise.” She did as she said, and took in the sight before her. Her Magistra was lewdly splayed out before her, playing with her pussy while two fresh blood-filled humans pleasured her. Eloise was much younger than her Magistra, and still felt many lusts and desires from when she was human. She felt a warm tingle between her legs, and the unmistakable ache in her jaw from her fangs growing. “Is there a problem Eloise?”
“No Magistra.”
“Are you sure? Mmmmm. Uhhhmmm. There's nothing you want?”
“I want what my Magistra desires of me.” Eloise's tingle between her legs became a burning ache, an ache that matched the lump in her throat. It was becoming hard to speak. She felt her knees getting weak, but she knew the price would be harsh if she made the slightest motion towards the forbidden fruit she desired without her Magistra's approval.
Matt and Naomi were too overcome with lust to notice what was going on anymore. They just wanted pleasure and release. They wanted what Cassandra had promised them from the moment they lay eyes on her; something otherworldly, an experience that would make them transcend mortality. That was all Cassandra needed to get into their heads. They had willingly walked to their slaughter. She ran her suddenly razor sharp nails down the backs of her prey, leaving a long thin trail of blood on each of them. The scent hit Eloise like a bullet. She snarled and her eyes flickered for a second to something vertical, then back to their normal round selves.
“I saw that Eloise.” In the blink of an eye Cassandra was off of the bed and backhanded Eloise across the face with a sound that resembled a .45 revolver. Before she could even recoil, Cass had taken Eloise in her arms, and forced her to the ground, dislocating one of her shoulders. “You really must show greater restraint. Just for that, you don't get the one you wanted. Matt isn't it?” Eloise strained to muffle her screams, but the pain was excruciating. Her body had barely registered the strike to her face before the explosive pain in her shoulder muscled its way into her consciousness. Eloise knew she could never keep a secret from Cassandra, for far too many reasons “I apologize Magistra, I was weak, I am weak. I am not worthy of your kindness.”

“Good. Don't heal yourself until I say so.” I let her go. Matt and Naomi looked lost without me, lost in the haze of pleasure and pain that I left them in. Slowly I returned to the bed and grabbed dinner by their necks. I spun them around so that their heads were hanging over the edge of the bed, their throats exposed to Eloise's hungry mouth. I could sense the aches in her, from hunger, lust, and of course from the injuries I had inflicted. Her pain was so sweet to me, an unusual joy that I've found in this world. I could sense every urge she felt; she wanted him, she wanted her, and she wanted me, which was most important. I started to jerk Matt off with my right hand, and finger fuck Naomi with my left hand. While I did this I never took my eyes off of my beautiful Tyro, my Eloise. Our hapless victims responded immediately to my ministrations. I sat back on my round, plump behind and brought both of them closer and closer to climax. Naomi whined and bit her lip, while Matt moaned and groaned my name louder and louder. All the while, Eloise stood motionless before me, trying carefully to push the teeth back into place with her tongue where I had knocked them loose. Her senses were overloaded, especially her sense of smell. The air was thick with scent of blood, even from the thin wounds that I had made. None of our senses could ever let go of the beautiful traits that fresh blood possessed. She could almost taste it; she wanted desperately to open her mouth and taste the air, but she was deathly afraid that if she opened her mouth, I would put my fist in it. She was right to be afraid, for that's exactly what would happen. She tried to focus on the pain in her shoulder to distract her from her lust. A good strategy.
I would never show it of course, but I was about at my wit’s end as well. Our victims were about to explode, I had wounded and abused my Tyro, and furthermore she was bleeding slightly from her mouth; it had been a thoroughly enjoyable evening all around. I needed release as badly as she did, and I had to admit that Eloise had gone to an enormous amount of trouble to look beautiful for me. She was even wearing my favorite flower in my hair, my sweet Southern Belle Eloise. I have been around long enough to know that a truly benevolent Magistra balances punishments with rewards. That's how it was when I was a Tyro, anyway.
“Uhhh Uhh AHH! AHHH!!!!” Naomi began to scream. “Oh God Cass I'm coming!!!” I stared Eloise down hard, but she showed no outward fear. I could see behind her eyes though, and her inner beast was straining at it's chains. Matt's first load of jizz was in the air when I moved for him, and Eloise was at his neck before me. It's the one time she ever moved faster than I did. I tore into the femoral artery in his left thigh, and my sweet, innocent Tyro ripped his neck open and shoved her mouth into the wound. He was dead before he finished his climax, lucky bastard. Some of his come mixed with his blood but I didn't care. I drank it all, and it was worth the wait and the teasing. Eloise drank loudly from his neck, ripping and tearing into his flesh; I would have to remember to reprimand her later for making such a mess. I squeezed the last bit of juice from him and eyed Naomi. She was still in a stupor, and hadn't noticed that we had opened up her boyfriend like a Christmas turkey. We took her limp body and dragged her to the head of the bed, deciding to share her like a bottle of wine on a picnic.
We stationed ourselves on each side of her, all three of us naked, and lazily sucked on each of her nipples. I rolled her nub around with my tongue while my Tyro gently nibbled at it. Then suddenly her beautiful fangs appeared, and she sank them slowly between her rib cage. It looked tasty so I did the same on my side. Naomi stroked our hair and murmured our names until she slipped into peaceful oblivion. Maybe it was some long forgotten sense of sisterhood, but we always seemed to give women less painful deaths than men. When she was dry, I grabbed Eloise by the hair and kissed her deeply. My mouth was full of blood and so was hers. Our vitae mixed, and we traced each others daggers with our tongues as if they were playthings. I ran my claws over her big round hips and down her legs, feeling her chills make the bed tremble. I gently sank a talon into her large pillowy breasts and drew a steady bead of blood which I nursed at like a newborn. She held my head and said “Cassandra, you are magnificent, so beautiful, so perfect. I will be lucky if I am ever half as wonderful as you. I'm so lucky.”
I sucked a little harder eliciting a slight yelp, and one of the nicer surprises about her. If I aroused her enough, she starts to drip from her pussy, a trick I can only do with some effort. I withdrew my claws and slowly put two fingers into her naturally wet folds. “You're the lucky one baby, you're the lucky one. Now come for your Magistra, yes?” Eloise mumbled yes and tucked her head into my cleavage, holding me tight. We wound our bodies together, cold as mine is, and I enjoyed her warmth. I remembered, half remembered a time when my own body generated such warmth. I fingered her faster than a vibrator, and circled my thumb around her clit. Eloise even comes sweetly; she's too bashful to really let it out; she just lets out a series of high pitched squeals. Right as she peaked, I gently sank my fangs into her neck and took what I needed. I knew that this made her orgasms all the more intense, and it was the least traumatic way for me to feed from her. Of all the horrible things I was forced to do on a regular basis, this was my least favorite.

Still, if it came down to it, I knew that I would sacrifice Eloise's life in a second to save my own. I would never think twice, and I would never regret it. There was a time when the truth of that would have absolutely crushed me. But that time... isn't tonight.